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South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Security Code and Passcode

by Bryan Dawson

When you first start playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you will encounter a point where you need to get into the Coon’s lair in Cartman’s basement to meet up with Cartman and friends. In order to access the Coon’s lair you need a security code for the Chastity 9000 lock. This article covers where to find the security code in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, as well as what Cartman’s security code is just in case you don’t care about actually finding it, and all the times the Coon’s lair code changes throughout the game. We’ll also cover the church passcode you will need later in the game. Once you have the first Coon Lair passcode, Cartman’s security code for the Chastity 9000, you can access the Coon’s lair in Cartman’s basement, and once you have the church storage room passcode you can enter the storage room. We’ve also got the code needed to open the storage bay at the end of the The Hundred Hands of Chaos mission and the elevator code used for the elevator during the Thin White Line mission.

As a side note, since this is a South Park game, some of the language included in this article can be a little crass and not meant for minors or those sensitive to foul language. If that includes you, please close this tab now. You should also probably stop playing the game. For everyone else, continue reading!

The Coon’s Security Code

  • First Code: 3-0-7 (Fuck You Mom)
  • Second Code: 1-3-6 (Get Scrambles Fast)
  • Third Code: 5-2-9 (No Girls Allowed)

To find the first security code you need to head to Cartman’s room. You’ll find his room upstairs in the first door you come across. Head inside and attack the cracked purple lamp to the right of Cartman’s bed. Behind the lamp is Cartman’s journal. Flip through the journal until you reach the last page, then open the hidden area to find the security code: FukYouMom.

Head back downstairs to the keypad and enter 3-0-7, which corresponds to Fuck-You-Mom, and the basement will unlock. You can now continue with the story in the game.

Church Storage Room Passcode

  • 6-8-1
  • Kneel Before Jesus

The church is located on the middle street (running east/west) all the way to the west (left side). When you enter the church for the first time, you’ll have a conversation that will lead to a battle in the storage room. However, when you need to get back into the storage room later in the game, you must have a passcode to enter. To find the passcode, head into the room on the right side of the church (in the back) and use the bible on the stand in the back side of the room (on the left). This has notes from Father Maxi, with the passcode located on the last page. Access the panel to the right of the storage room and enter the code, Kneel Before Jesus (6-8-1) to unlock the door and enter the storage room.

Professor Chaos Passcode

  • 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Near the end of the The Hundred Hands of Chaos main mission, you will need to enter a code to continue with the mission. The code is 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (yes, it’s that difficult).

Police Station Code

  • 1-4-7-7

During the Thin White Line main mission, there’s a moment when you need to enter a code at the elevator. That code is 1-4-7-7.

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