Soul Hackers 2: How to Find Eliza’s Brooch

Oh boy, dungeon elevators

As you make your way through Soul Hackers 2, you’ll be able to tackle “Requests,” optional side activities that give you little rewards for the extra effort. Usually these tasks are pretty brainless, but there’s one in particular that gave me trouble. Finding Eliza’s Brooch was a surprising pain in the ass, so I figured that’s some solid guide material.

Soul Hackers 2 Glory Days Request Guide

Throughout the game, if you’re tackling requests, you’ll go through a few from Mannequin, the guy who runs the Zafiro accessory shop in Shinsando. He’s trying to collect a series of accessories from a classic movie, “Eliza.” The last in the series, “A Brooch, A Fresh Start, and Me” splits into a second request, Glory Days. This sends you to the Ozaki Hope Towers dungeon to find Eliza’s Brooch.

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Okazi Hope Towers is a large dungeon that’s obnoxious to navigate thanks to its multi-floor structure connected via elevator shenanigans. There are so many little rooms and nooks and crannies, I felt like I was losing my mind looking for this item. And it’s not like it isn’t obvious when you see it – it’s a Demon Recon pickup which means you can see the “unique item” icon from a distance. This leads me to believe there’s a tricky flag involved. But first, here’s where I actually found the damn thing:

The weird part is I had definitely been to this room before, considering my map was all the way filled out. I had the request active since before I ran through the dungeon the first time, and never found it. My running theory is that Soul Hackers 2 has some kind of flagging system, and I simply couldn’t actually get the Brooch without clearing the story stuff at Ozaki Hope Towers first. Or there’s some kind of RNG-like element, but that doesn’t seem likely. Either way, that kind of thing ain’t easy to confirm without help.

Just keep that in mind if you find yourself in that room without a demon waiting to give you something. You might have to come back later, or pop in and out of some other rooms first. See, this is one of the reasons I’m not a fan of the whole Demon Recon thing. Soul Hackers 2 is still a cool game, though. Don’t take my word for it here, take my word for it there!

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