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Sons of the Forest Update 03: Full Patch Notes Listed

Sweet new update just came out! Hop on in!

The Sons of the Forest developer (Endnight Games) is truly inspired to make Sons of the Forest a rightful successor to the well-received The Forest title from 2014. This bi-weekly update dubbed “Update 03” is bringing a lot of cool stuff to all Sons of the Forest fans. Prima Games, traditionally, is here with what you need to know.

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Sons of the Forest Update 03 – What’s New? Complete Patch Notes and Details

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And now, onto the main course.

Sons of the Forest Patch 3 – Full Update 3 Notes Listed

Hey Everyone,

This patch adds a new rideable EUC the Knight V (pronounced knight five), a pair of night vision goggles, a new spring trap that will launch enemies, and brings a first pass of solar power and light bulbs to the building system, along with a bunch more fixes and other improvements.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.



  • Dead babies now have buoyancy in the water
  • Mr. and Mrs. Puffton’s clothes now burn up when they are burned
  • Added security camera model to bunker luxury entrance
  • Cannibal lookout towers and large huts are now breakable
  • Adjusted navigation areas by lakes to fix issues with stuck animals/characters around edges
  • Can now pick up and throw puffy dead bodies
  • Dismembering dead characters with melee is now easier
  • Adjusted creepy spawning logic in caves, should no longer visibly spawn and should not lead to over-the-top amounts of enemies in caves over time
  • Improved some enemy base attack logic
  • Enemy damage game setting is now properly replicated to clients in multiplayer
  • Kelvin’s “return to shelter” command will also return to hunting shelters and beds
  • Kelvin can now pick up all types of arrows, visibly carry them, and drop the proper type of arrow
  • Fly Swatter and Bone Maker traps will no longer trigger on small animals
  • Improved morgue lighting in bunker residential and added some dead cultists there
  • Added flower wreaths to some dead cultists
  • Added world position fixer to block players going outside the bounds of the world on X and Z
  • Added quarter resolution mipmap limit option and set book pages to use it, to prevent them from becoming unreadable at low texture settings
  • Set rock, stick, and a small rock to disable colliders when not dynamic
  • Fixed player clothing blend shapes not always properly applied visually to other players in multiplayer
  • Tarp and turtle shell will now show their item count in the inventory
  • Renamed mannequin to armor rack
  • Changed the amount of duct tape required to build the armor rack to 1
  • Added shimmy area after the boss fight in hell cave
  • Made it possible to leave hell cave if reentering it after completing the game
  • The rope climb trigger for caves is now accessible from a wider angle
  • Creepies will now be hidden if they manage to wander into any cutscenes
  • Virginia will now stash guns when carrying a gift and drop gifts when entering combat


  • Cannibal ability to dodge heavy attacks increased
  • Increased John2 damage to structures
  • Enemies now flee further when scared


  • Fixed issue with nomad cannibal families spawning more than maximum allowed amount
  • Fixed more cases of enemies and large animals able to spawn in player bases
  • Fixed missing translation on find the Puffton tutorial messages
  • Fixed slight delay when hovering over the exit confirm button
  • Fixed some more cases of being able to glitch out of the world using a stick
  • Fixed animation pop in puffy male walk aggressive loop
  • Fixed some areas players could get stuck in hell cave
  • Dropped backpack should now properly spawn if the player saves and reloads before picking it up
  • Grab bag should no longer get the player stuck in a bad state if it is opened and closed quickly
  • Player should no longer get into a broken state if they begin swimming while performing the refill flask action
  • Added a safety measure that if the player somehow gets into a state where they are missing a vital item such as their lighter, tracker, combat knife, guide book or grab bag, they will be readded when a save game is loaded
  • When the player’s dropped backpack is picked up, it double checks to ensure that the player now has the backpack item
  • Player should no longer be able to lose their backpack from using their Quick select in some rare use cases
  • Fish on drying racks will no longer despawn when their max pickup count is reached
  • Items on the camp fire will no longer auto despawn
  • Fixed heavy actor sometimes popping to standing when hit again during hit head reaction
  • Fixed Kelvin not stopping trying to fill holder that player put final item in
  • Fixed player getting into stuck state if machete ground attack was interrupted
  • Fixed stun baton FX sometimes stuck on when interrupted
  • Fixed issue with there sometimes being more fish than maximum allowed amount
  • Improved logic to better prevent cases of seeing enemies pop in
  • Fixed falling trees not hitting cannibals
  • Fixed clients sometimes seeing extra GPS locators for Virginia
  • Fixed multiplayer client’s taking gun with multiple mods from Virginia losing a mod
  • Fixed visual issues decapitating heavy faceless cannibal and female puffy


  • Applied logarithmic scale to volume sliders
  • Add an audio event for animations where cannibals hits the club against the ground

That’s it for these patch notes! We hope you’ll enjoy the new content and the updates.

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