How to Make Solar Panels in Sons of the Forest

How to Make Solar Panels in Sons of the Forest

Living that eco-friendly lifestyle while surviving in the forest

The latest update for Sons of the Forest introduced a lot of new items that can help you survive in the brutal world of this popular PC horror game. One of those items is Solar Panels, and the game will not do an exceptionally good job in explaining how to make and install them – so, check out the guide below to find out all about Solar Panels in the Sons of the Forest, where to find materials needed, how to make and use them.

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Where to Find Solar Panels in Sons of the Forest

To create a working Solar Panel that you can use, you will first need to find… well, the Solar Panel itself! You will also need some Lightbulbs, and both can be found in the yellow lid boxes that are usually around crash site locations with 3D Printers.

One location that we confirm has a 100% chance of finding Solar Panel is the following:

When you enter this cave, stay forward and do not steer anywhere, and you will see an open door with a human figure poster in the distance. Get in that room and on the left, your Solar Panel will be waiting for you. Pick up the Light Bulbs above it, too!

Another Solar Panel can be found in the Southwestern corner of the Island, but you will need the Shovel. Check the screenshots for landmarks that will help you locate the campsite on which you should dig to uncover the hatch for the Maintenance 2 Bunker.

Go down the ladders once you open the hatch and just go forward until you reach a supply room where Solar Panel will be waiting for you. Check the other rooms for useful items as well. Keep in mind that you can carry only one Solar Panel in your inventory.

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How to Make Solar Panels in Sons of the Forest

When you find the necessary materials (Solar Panels and Lightbulbs) to make a working Solar Panel that you can use, follow the next steps:

  1. Craft a Log Frame
  2. Add Solar Panel to the Log Frame
  3. Connect the Solar Panel with the Wire
  4. Attach the Lightbulbs to the other end of the Wire

So there you go, a working Solar Panel – time to place it somewhere to catch some sunshine so it can provide you with light at night. Happy eco-conscious surviving y’all!

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