Sons of the Forest Hotfix Patch Notes – July 25 2023

This came as a surprise!

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Recently, Sons of the Forest had a significant update, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a hotfix waiting for me on my Steam client. Although it may not be a significant update, it’s still worth noting. In this article, I’ll provide a brief overview of the changes that the July 25th, 2023 hotfix patch update brings.

Sons of the Forest July 25th, 2023 Hotfix Full Update Notes

The hotfix update notes may only have five changes, but they are important and I appreciate the developer team for implementing them immediately instead of waiting for the next major content patch update, which could take an unknown amount of time due to the disruption of the regular update schedule.

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Here’s what the developers had to say about the small hotfix:

Hey everyone,

Here are some small fixes for last week’s patch release.

  • Fixed issue where trees would sometimes not fall when cut
  • Fixed memory leak when looking at shelves with grab bag open (could cause crashing)
  • Fixed stick visuals in stick holder not updating when last stick was taken
  • Fixed Kelvin sometimes not collecting sticks
  • Fixed window shutters not always toggling correctly

The developers urge players to keep sharing their bug reports and feedback on the Community Hub’s Discussions section on Steam. The community’s support is crucial for the game to improve quickly and effectively.

Sons of the Forest July 26th, 2023 Hotfix Full Update Notes

We got one more short update on Wednesday, July 26th:

  • Fixed some cases of Virginia stuck in swimming animation (when not in water)
  • Fixed first stick placed in stick holder by multiplayer client not visible

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