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Sonic Mania – Unlock Debug Mode on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

by Josh Hawkins

Sonic Mania includes quite a few little goodies for fans to unlock and explore, and the Debug Mode is just one of those many sweet options. In this article we’ll be breaking down how to unlock the Debug Mode in Sonic Mania, as well as how to activate it on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Be advised that you will need to complete a specific requirement in the game before you can activate the Debug Mode, so keep reading to see what steps you need to complete.

How to Unlock Debug Mode

Before you can start freely using Debug Mode, you’re going to need to actually unlock it. This can be done by progressing through the normal game and completing the Get Blue Spheres stages, which can be activated at any time from any checkpoint once you have a total of 25 rings in your inventory.

In order to complete a Get Blue Spheres level, you’re going to need to collect as many spheres as you can before time runs out. Once time runs out, your spheres will be tallied up, and you’ll be rewarded a different medal depending on the amount of spheres you were able to acquire. Once you’ve earned enough medals to unlock the Debug Mode, you’ll receive a small notification, which will then allow you to hop into the Debug Mode at any time using the information we’ve provided below.

How to Use Debug Mode

Now that you know how to unlock Debug Mode, let’s dive into the juicy part—how to use it. Activating the Debug Mode in Sonic Mania is very simple.

On the Nintendo Switch, to activate Debug Mode, wait until the title screen loads and then hold B and Y until the “press any button” prompt appears on the screen. At this point, press any button to enter the game’s level select screen. Select the level that you want to enter, and then press X once in the actual level to enter Debug Mode.

In order to access the Debug Mode on the PS4, you’ll want to highlight the No Save File option on the main menu and press the Triangle button. From here you’ll want to open the secrets menu and enable Debug Mode. Now, back out of the save select window and highlight the No Save File option once more. From here, press and hold Square and X on the PlayStation 4 controller, and you should be taken to the level select menu. Once in the game you should be able to activate debug mode by pressing the Triangle button on the PlayStation 4 controller.

To activate Debug mode on the Xbox one, follow the same instructions listed above for the PlayStation 4, however, once you start the level, you’re going to want to press the Y button on your Xbox One controller. This should enter Debug Mode and let you start messing around.

Now that we’ve told you how to unlock and activate Debug Mode, be sure to check out our guide on how to find all seven Chaos Emeralds, as well as our guide on how to activate the Level Select, which will allow you to jump through any levels you want.