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Sniper Tips for Battlefield Hardline

by Prima Games Staff

We’re not going to pretend to understand it, but players have an unhealthy addiction to the Professional class, and will let their team lose just to do some sniping in Battlefield Hardline. Maybe it’s because we’re all about the PTFO and shooting people with the T62 CEW, but something about hanging back and picking our shots just doesn’t do it for us. We like to be where the action is, crushing the dreams of noobs with our MP5K and a pocket full of Sabotages.

Still, it’s about balance, and the Professionals (snipers) in Battlefield Hardline are a useful bunch when they play the class correctly, focusing on spotting targets, setting traps and keeping the enemy honest from a distance. While getting that long-range headshot is likely one of the more satisfying moments the game has to offer, our focus is always on what’s best for the team. In this case, however, what’s best for the team involves helping you pop some skulls.

Know Your Ranges

Knowing how far you are from a target is a big part of being an effective sniper. After all, bullet drop is a real thing, and if you are missing that initial shot, chances are your target is running away. Sniping is not about hit markers and spamming bullets, it’s about precision fire that results in one kills for every one shot you take.

To get a better idea of how far away your target is, look for on-screen objectives near what you want to shoot. This should provide a general idea of your distance from the enemy. If it’s about 200 meters, you can dial in your scope or just aim slightly above your target’s head. The key here is patience, as you want to allow your foe to stop moving before you fire. Again, if you take a risky shot and miss, chances are you blew your opportunity. As time goes on and your map knowledge increases, you will start to remember how far key locations are from your favorite sniper nests, which will help to decrease the amount of time from when you spot your target until you engage it.

Do Some Research

While we’d love to tell you that we possess a full list of weapon statistics, the truth is Battlefield Hardline (much like the iterations before it) is a game that will see many tweaks and balances before it’s all said and done. For this reason, we must recommend that you visit Symthic for the most up to date information on all of the weapons the game has to offer.

Just as an example, that site will tell you that the maximum damage for the Scout Elite (the starting rifle for the Professional) is 75, and that it begins to drop off after 45 meters. What does this mean? Well, if you shoot your foe in the body (minus any modifiers), the most damage you can cause is 75, meaning you have to shoot them twice. However, the minimum damage that the Scout Elite will do at any range is 51, with a 2 x modifier for headshots. This means that if you hit your target in the dome (at any range), he or she will die. Useful stuff to know. On top of just straight statistics, you can see how weapon attachments will modify your gun’s performance, and even compare some of your favorites.

Spot Your Targets

We know for a fact that many snipers don’t like to spot their targets. It’s a silly flaw, and the reason they don’t do it is because they don’t want someone else to notice the enemy and steal their kill. The kicker in Battlefield Hardline is that one of the level 3 Reputation Perks for the Professional is the ability to hold their breath for longer. As a result, the chances of hitting your target are greater, and this means more kills by the end of the round. Additionally, snipers are often not held in high regard, partly because they come off as selfish players. By spotting targets, you’re not only increasing the chances you can unlock some helpful reputation perks, but you’re also being a team player. So… spot targets.

Counter Sniping

Don’t waste all your time taking high-risk shots at moving targets, potentially giving away your position. Instead, learn the key points on the maps, and make your goal to locate and eliminate other snipers. For one, they tend to be sitting still, and two, your team will benefit from not having to deal with them. For example, there are many rooftops that these snipers like to hang out on while playing on the map, Bank Job. Since you know where they’ll be, why not stay on the ground and pop a few of them in the brain? Your kills will add up, you’ll help your team and hopefully win the game.

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