Sims 4: Nectar Making Skill Guide

Make thousands of Simoleons with a few small juice bottles

The Sims 4 Nectar Making skill guide
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The Sims 4: Horse Ranch’s nectar-making skill is a great way to make delicious beverages that put your Sims in a good mood and provide various helpful benefits. Here’s a complete guide to making nectar, leveling up the skill, and getting plenty of money.

The Sims 4 Nectar Making Skill Guide – Levels, Nectar Types, and More

The Sims 4’s nectar-making skill allows you to create and sell nectar. Using fresh ingredients like apples, grapes, and even death flowers, you can make nectar bottles, which you can drink immediately or keep in a storage rack to increase their age and value.

How to Make Nectar

To start making nectar, you’ll need two things: a nectar maker, such as the Rootin’ Fruit’n Nectar Maker, and some produce. The nectar maker is available in the Sims build menu for 350 Simoleons.

At first, you’ll only be able to make apple and grape nectar, each requiring three of their respective fruit. If your character is familiar with gardening, they can grow these fruits themselves and use them. Otherwise, you can call a food delivery using your in-game phone.

Once you have the fruit and nectar maker, interact with the barrel and choose a nectar. Your Sim will begin stomping inside the barrel, and after some time, they’ll create a bottle of nectar.

How to Level Up the Nectar Making Skill

Leveling up the nectar-making skill requires making nectar with Energized as its ideal mood. As you create more bottles, your nectar-making level will increase, unlocking more crafting options.

Furthermore, there is no skill book for increasing the nectar-making skill. In other words, you’ll have to rely solely on making bottles, as this is the only way to level the skill.

Alternatively, you can use stats.set_skill_level AdultMinor_RanchNectar X, replacing X with a number between 1-5. One is the lowest skill level you can obtain, with five being the maximum.

All Nectar Types

There are 13 nectar bottles you can create in The Sims 4. 10 are available as part of the Horse Ranch expansion, while the other three unlock with the Vampire, Werewolves, and Realm of Magic game packs.

Below is a list of every nectar bottle you can make in The Sims 4:

Nectar TypeSkill LevelIngredients
Apple Nectar1Apple x3
Grape Nectar1Grape x3
Strawberry Nectar2Strawberry x3
Potato Nectar2Potato x3
Prairie Grass Nectar3Prairie Grass Hay x3
Trash Nectar3Trash Fruit x3
Energy Nectar4Lemon x2
Any herb x1
Plasma Nectar
4Plasma Fruit x3
Valerian Nectar
(Realm of Magic)
4Valerian Root x3
Moonpetal Nectar
4Moonpetal x3
Vitality Nectar5Death Flower x1
Spinach x2
Berry Nectar5Any berry or berry jam x3
Fruit Nectar5Any fruit x3

How to Make Money Selling Nectar in The Sims 4

Nectar-making in The Sims 4 can be a fantastic money-making method, depending on the supplies you have on hand. Below are some tips to make money with nectar:

  1. Grow and use your own fruits and vegetables.
  2. Store your nectar bottles in storage racks.
  3. Keep your storage racks in the basement.
  4. Wait until your nectar bottles are finely aged.
  5. Buy the Marketable trait in the aspirations rewards store.

As you gather more ingredients and store your nectar bottles in underground storage racks, they’ll age over time and significantly increase in value. A regular apple nectar bottle can net you thousands of Simoleons if it is finely aged and sold after purchasing the Marketable trait!

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