Should You Tell Hadrian the Truth About Her Father in Starfield? – Answered

Sometimes, the truth can hurt more than the lie.

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While not the most exciting faction mission line available, the missions you do for the United Colonies have a fair bit of intrigue and mystery surrounding them. There’s the whole plot of the Terrormorphs attacking young worlds, alongside the mystery surrounding the UC Xenoweapons division and the disaster that was the city of Londinion. One such subplot, though, has multiple ways you can go about it. Here’s whether you should tell Hadrian the truth about her father in Starfield.

Should You Tell Hadrian Her Father is Alive in Starfield?

Starfield Vae Victis
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During the course of the United Colonies mission line, you have the chance to tell Hadrian that her father, Vae Victis, is alive and in UC custody despite the public being told he was executed for his crimes. Whether you tell Hadrian or not is completely up to you since it won’t have any effect on the mission line outside of a few key story beats.

For my run, I chose to tell her the truth since I felt she deserved to know. She was naturally pretty disgusted at the idea of the UC keeping him alive, though she is happy to know. This changed some dialogue later on, especially during the mission into Londinion itself. It also opens the opportunity to tell Dr. Percival Walker later on. At the end of the mission line, she’ll mention how she feels better off not meeting him and will be more at peace.

If you choose not to tell her, then things will mostly proceed as normal, with her being ignorant of the fact he’s alive. She’ll still be disgusted by his actions later on in the story, and the final discussion with the UC Cabinet may go differently, but it’ll be the same otherwise.

If you’re looking for help with that final mission in the mission line, check out our guide on how to complete A Legacy Forged in Starfield.

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