Should You Kill or Persuade Headlock in Starfield
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Should You Kill or Spare Headlock in Starfield? (Mob Mentality Quest)

Choices, choices, choices... Starfield is full of them!

Neon is one of the more thrilling cities in Starfield with its shady, criminal, and violent charm. The city has captivated me with its many enjoyable quests, with one in particular catching my attention: Mob Mentality. My job was to help a local store owner, Tevin, deal with Headlock, a prominent gang member. I wondered if I should kill or persuade Headlock to leave the owner alone. Here’s what you should do with Headlock in Starfield.

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Should You Kill Headlock or Not in Starfield’s Mob Mentality Side Quest

After you talk to Frankie and extract information about Headlock’s whereabouts, you head out to the warehouse where he’s holed up. He has a couple of ads (guards) around him, and during the dialogue, you are to decide whether to kill or spare Headlock. In both cases, you are getting the same reward from Tevin, but there are some crucial differences.

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What Happens if You Kill Headlock in Starfield

If you opt to murder Headlock and his henchmen, you will get loot and gear that you can sell for Credits later on. Your Companion should understand that you had to resort to violence (but double-check that in the top-right corner just in case).

What Happens if You Persuade Headlock in Starfield

If you successfully persuade Headlock, you’ll get XP and improve your Persuasion skills. I diplomatically play my character wherever possible because Persuasion skills can bring many benefits later down the line.

You can kill Headlock anyway after you persuade him successfully, but if you have a Companion with you, they might not appreciate your random act of violence.

Speaking of Companions, did you know you can romance some of your Companions in Starfield?

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