Should You Keep Artifacts in the Armillary on Ship or in the Outpost in Starfield? (High Price to Pay Quest)

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Should you build your armillary on your ship or in your outpost starfield
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In Starfield, after you’ve survived the misfortunate aftermath of Hunter’s attack, regardless of your choice between The Lodge and The Eye, you and the Constellation crew are picking up the pieces, mourning the losses, and planning on the future of the organization’s defense. It was deemed unsafe to keep the Artifact pieces in The Lodge, so you must make an important decision during the High Price to Pay Quest: You can either keep the Artifacts in the Armillary on your ship or stash them in a stationary Outpost. We’ll analyze the upsides and downsides of each option below.

Is It Better to Keep Artifacts in the Armillary or in the Outpost in Starfield?

When choosing between your Ship and Outpost to build an Armillary, trade-offs are enormous. This will be informative enough to help you make the right choice. I have yet to make acquaintance with anyone who had it made on their outpost, and I decided to build it on my ship. If you are big on creating and maintaining outposts, try putting the Artifacts on the outpost. I felt it would take way too much of my time and resources.

What Happens if You Build Your Armillary on Your Ship in Starfield?

  • You can farm their Quantum Essence because you will fight the Starborn more frequently since they will always be after the Artifacts.
  • You can evade combat by Grav Jumping elsewhere if you don’t want to fight.
  • It’s cheaper to build and maintain.
  • You take responsibility for the Artifacts yourself; they are always with you.

If you decide to build your Armillary on your ship, on the right side of your cockpit, there should be a screen with a prompt to make the armillary there.

What Happens if You Build Your Armillary on Your Outpost in Starfield?

  • No Quantum Essence for you.
  • You won’t be pestered by Starborn in outer space, but they will be constantly raiding your Outpost.
  • It’s more expensive to build; you’ll need to have a lot of defenses, whether we’re talking about manpower or turrets.
  • You delegate the responsibility to your crew and just “not think” about it. You need to visit the Outpost to group every new Artifact you find with the ones you already possess.

If you build your Armillary on one of your outposts, you should open the build menu and choose Quests from there.

If you are low on resources and want to build a huge outpost, check out What is the best place to buy resources in Starfield? and How to build an Outpost in Starfield.

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