Should You Give The Earth Savior Award to Naeva or Keep it to Sell it in Starfield? – Answered

Basically a Bilbo Baggins Dilemma

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In Starfield, the Earth Savior Award is an item you can optionally steal while on board the Siren of the Stars ship in the Breaking the Bank Quest. Naeva wants the Earth Savior Award and is willing to give you Credits for it. However, you can keep and sell it later for more profit. Let’s see what these choices bring to your character in Starfield.

Is It Better to Give the Earth Savior Award to Naeva or Sell It in Starfield?

These two choices have minor differences, which I will gladly explain below. I gave the Earth Savior Award to Naeva since I’m already loaded with Credits. I am rushing to progress through the storyline and find the profit difference not worth my time.

What Happens if You Give the Earth Savior Award to Naeva?

If you opt to give the Earth Savior Award to Naeva, the following happens:

  • You get 6000 Credits (3000 if you couldn’t keep quiet about this item when talking to Captain Rokov).
  • You get XP for the quest.
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What Happens if You Lie to Naeva and Say You Didn’t Find the Earth Savior Award?

If you opt to lie to Naeva and decide to keep the Earth Savior Award with the intent to sell it later, the following happens:

  • Naeva is upset and deducts your pay for this quest (she warned you about this).
  • You can sell it later at a Trade Authority post for more than you would have earned by giving it to Naeva directly. If your haggling (Commerce) skills are good, you can increase the profit difference significantly if you want to take your time doing so.
  • You do not get the XP because the quest has failed.

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