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Junction Box Starfield
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After Louisa and Zoe decide to help each other find the source of the issue in Alternating Currents, you are forced to flip Junction Box 45A or 47B in Starfield. This New Atlantis mission is one of the first side storylines with a few different choices, and I’m here to help you get out of your paralysis.

Should You Flip Junction Box 47B or 45A in Starfield?

You should choose to flip Junction Box 45A in the Alternating Currents mission. This is the box that Louisa recommends flipping, and as you might expect, listening to her is a good idea. She knows the junction box systems around MAST like the back of her hand, and she isn’t trying to lead you on a goose chase.

Junction Box Starfield.
Always have Louisa’s back (Screenshot by Prima Games).

When Louisa and Zoe first speak to each other in Starfield, they seem opposed, but then they end up with the same goal. Zoe sends a location for a tampered junction box that you need to switch. After that is cleared up, you need to flip just one more. That’s where the decision to flip Junction Box 45A or Box 47B comes in.

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Junction Box 47B is the wrong option, and it appears to be just another way for Zoe to lead you astray. After all, she has some shady involvement in the whole Alternating Currents business with the Trade Authority. With that said, even Zoe admits she was wrong if you choose Junction Box 45A. Louisa makes sure to throw that back in her face, and Zoe begrudgingly agrees that she knows the area best.

Not only is Junction Box 45A the right choice for the mission objective, but it also just follows the best path for the story. You’re supposed to have Louisa’s back from the beginning in Starfield, and you want to prove you have her best interest in mind.

After this section, you’ll have one final choice to make. Read through my guide on whether to transfer the evidence to Louisa or Zoe in Starfield.

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