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Morals or money?

Evidence Transfer Zoe or Louisa Starfield
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After completing Tapping the Grid, you’ll start the Alternating Currents quest as Louisa expresses trepidation over having to deal with the Trade Authority on New Atlantis. Once you reach the final steps in the Alternating Currents mission, you need to decide whether you should transfer the evidence to Zoe Kaminski or Louisa Reyes. With two different proposals, it can be a tough choice to make, but we’re here to break down both outcomes.

Should You Give the Evidence to Zoe or Louisa in Starfield?

You should transfer the evidence to Louisa in the Alternating Currents mission. Both options result in the same rewards, but Louisa is clearly in the right by the end of the quest line. Not only have you had her back, but she clearly knows the junction boxes far better than Zoe Kaminski. She has been the only one telling the truth.

Evidence Transfer in Starfield.
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Zoe will make a tempting offer from the Trade Authority to pay well for the evidence once you find it. She even says she will take care of MAST following the investigation. However, the payday isn’t nearly as high as you would expect.

What Happens if You Choose Louisa in Starfield?

If you transfer the evidence to Louisa, she will be appreciative of all the assistance, and she will reward you with 2,000 Credits. On top of the reward, she finally has the evidence she needs to accuse Zoe and bring her crimes to the Trade Authority. Only then can MAST truly get some help with their power issues.

What Happens if You Choose Zoe in Starfield?

Like Louisa, transferring the evidence to Zoe results in a 2,000 Credit reward. Despite her proposal, this isn’t any better than Louisa’s reward. In other words, there is no reason to help this angry secretary unless you just like watching each planet burn.

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