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Should You Attack or Persuade Brogan in Starfield? – Answered

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You finally found the Crimson Fleet Captain at the top of the Kreet Research Lab, and now you have to decide if you attack or persuade Brogan in Starfield. Before you act too quickly, I’ll go over which choice is the best and the outcomes of either one if you want to weigh the options.

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Should You Attack or Persuade Brogan in Starfield?

You should definitely attack Brogan when he confronts you at the top of the Kreet Research Lab. Regardless of your choice, you will leave the area with your ship, and the Crimson Fleet Pirate problem will no longer be an issue. The only real difference is how much loot you can get from the deal.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

If you attack Brogan, you can get an improved Grendel rifle, which is fantastic for additional exploration in the area. You also get some decent pirate gear that melds well with energy stats. I decided to attack in my own playthrough, and I was swimming in extra ammo. Up to this point, each bullet felt more scarce as they left the barrel.

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What Happens if You Persuade Brogan?

Persuading Brogan results in a successful dialogue check that allows you to leave without any danger. If you are worried about getting killed, persuading him isn’t a bad idea. But you won’t get any rewards, and the mission results remain the same. Plus, you still have the chance of those pirates changing their minds. You never know in space.

In my Starfield playthrough, I beat Brogan on Very Hard difficulty without many issues besides ammo. So, if you are any lower than that on the difficulty scale, I wouldn’t worry about getting smoked. As a side note, I also tried to lie to the Crimson Fleet Captain. It still led to a battle with Brogan.

Can You Attack Brogan After Persuading Him in Starfield?

For extra strategy, to can persuade Brogan to leave you alone and then attack his crew after. This is your best bet of planning a surprise attack on the Crimson Fleet Captain, which can feel tougher when you have next to no equipment at the start of the game.

Pirates don’t play fair in the galaxy and this is just another way for you to get even with a faction that can cause plenty of headaches later on.

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