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Shiny Rhyhorn Pokemon GO Guide – Community Day Catch

by Ginny Woo

So the results of Community Day voting have finally come in for those Pokemon GO fans who have had their fingers crossed after the weekend where we showed y’all how to vote with this handy guide. We’re now in the know about the next Pokemon that’s going to be spotlighted for the upcoming Community Day, and it’s actually pretty horny. Yes, we’re talking about Shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon GO. Here’s the low-down on the players’ choice. 

Shiny Rhyhorn Pokemon GO Guide – Community Day Catch

After Community Day voting concluded this weekend, it was made clear that the next Pokemon GO Community Day on February 27 will be dedicated to Shiny Rhyhorn. For those who haven’t quite yet had the pleasure of seeing one before, well, they’re pretty damn adorable and they definitely stand out compared to the usual grey color scheme that Rhyhorns will exhibit. 

The introduction of Shiny Rhyhorn isn’t the only special thing about the upcoming Community Day, though. That’s right, we’re talking about the move Rock Wrecker which is going to be introduced. If you pick up a Shiny Rhyhorn that you then evolve into a Rhydon and a Rhyperior, you’ll end up with your Rhyperior having Rock Wrecker as an exclusive attack. This is the only way to get your hands on this powerhouse move, so you’re going to want to rack up those Rhyhorns as we get into things with the Community Day event; a Rhyhorn caught before February 27 can still learn Rock Wrecker as long as it evolves when the event is active. 

While we personally had our fingers crossed for either Dratini or Vulpix, we reckon that Rock Wrecker is pretty worth it as far as rewards go, and we could have definitely done a lot worse than getting Shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon GO. Need a hand with anything else as an aspiring master Trainer? Why not check out some of these tips and tricks that we’ve put together for your convenience?

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