So you're trying to round out your team in Pokemon GO? We get it. With a wealth of events currently on as well as the upcoming Sinnoh celebration event (which we have a schedule for here), now's as good a time as any to flesh out your collection. Those who are after the next form of the adorable Woobat might find this information about the Woobat evolution chart in Pokemon GO handy.

Woobat Evolution Chart in Pokemon GO

Alright, so you have a Woobat. This Psychic and Flying dual Type is probably one of the most adorable bats that we've ever seen in Pokemon, and we reckon that they're way superior to Zubats because they're not just mindless cave pests. However, each Trainer to their own! For a bit of a Typing breakdown, Woobats are weakest to the following Types:

  • Dark 
  • Electric
  • Ghost
  • Ice
  • Rock

However, you're unlikely to want to bring a baby bat to a Legendary fight, even if its echolocation abilities are totally off the charts and its preferred moveset combination of Confusion and Psyshock are pretty strong. At least give this flying ball of a fluff a fighting chance by evolving it. 

According to Woobat's evolution chart in Pokemon GO and across other titles, it can only become a Swoobat. This means that it's got one evolution form, and predictably, it's going to set you back by 50 Candy if you want to swag out your Woobat into, uh, look, don't make us finish that pun. It won't be worth it. 

Now that you have more information about the Woobat evolution chart in Pokemon GO and you know how much effort it'll take to turn one into Swoobat, it should just be a matter of time til that fuzzy little bat becomes a little more dangerous. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO? We've put together a bunch of tips and tricks that you might find helpful to refer to: