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Shiny Darkrai Pokemon GO Guide – How to Get This Pokemon

by Ginny Woo

Pokemon GO fans have a truly busy month of fun things in store when it comes to March, and we’re not just talking rare Pokemon. However, that is undoubtedly the focus for some of us here on the Prima team, and why wouldn’t it be? After all, the franchise is about collecting, and we’re definitely going to be embracing that ethos. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you’ll have the chance to get Shiny Darkrai in Pokemon GO, we’re happy to let you know that the answer is yes. We’ll tell you how with this guide. Hint: it’s gonna be a raid, kinda like how things worked when we were trying to get Shiny Gengar.

Shiny Darkrai Pokemon GO Guide – How to Get This Pokemon

The month of March is definitely looking packed for Pokemon GO fans, and we’re not just talking about mystery weekend events (more on that later). It’s been noted by Niantic that March will be packed full of Legendary raids, with Darkrai being the very first one to start everything off on March 6. Darkrai will be the special Legendary raid Pokemon from March 6 to March 9, which gives players a few days to get their hands on Shiny Darkrai. This is the only way for you to currently pick up Shiny Darkrai in Pokemon GO, and it’s just going to be a chance. We’re not sure what will happen after the event, but it’s the first time that this variation of Darkrai has made its way into Pokemon GO so we’re definitely considering it rare. 

Now that you’ve got our tips and tricks on how you might be able to pick up Shiny Darkrai in Pokemon GO when the raid event finally kicks around, we reckon you’ll be hard on the hunt, just like us. You’re going to have a limited time period to actually net yourself this particular Shiny form, so don’t waste any time! We’re frothing for the chance to own this bad boy for ourselves, not to mention for the other Legendary raids that are incoming. Need a hand with anything else to do with Pokemon GO? Why not check out these guides that we’ve put together for trainers just like you in our dedicated hub for the title?

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