If you're truly aiming to catch them all in Pokemon GO, then you're likely already acquainted with our Unova Stone initiative to make sure that we're getting better at evolving Pokemon from that region and fleshing out our collection. However, some Pokemon from that generation are going to need a little more TLC than just a regional stone. That being said, we're gonna give you a hand here and tell you how to get Accelgor in Pokemon GO. Spoilers: you're going to have to evolve something, unfortunately.

How to Get Accelgor in Pokemon GO

So, a little bit of background for the uninitiated and those who aren't all that experienced with the Unovan generation. Accelgor is an evolution of Shelmet, which is basically a helmet that's also... we're assuming... a shellfish bug. No, don't direct any complaints about old Pokemon designs to us. We have nothing to do with that. Yes, we also think it's confusing that Shelmet is a Bug Type when it looks like that, but we're not gonna ask any questions.

Generally in the mainline games, if you're wanting to evolve Shelmet into Accelgor and Karrablast into Escavalier, you have to trade Shelmet and Karrablast for one another. That's the only way for them to reach their second forms. Pokemon GO has also kept this mechanic, though tweaked. If you're wondering about how to get Accelgor in Pokemon GO, there are 2 distinct ways:

  1. Trade your Shelmet for a Karrablast
  2. Pay 200 Shelmet candies

Trading your Shelmet in the way we described above will get you the evolution that you're wanting while removing the candy cost entirely for your evolution. This is part of the Trade Evolution mechanic in Pokemon GO, and we would highly recommend making use of this and turning it to your advantage, though the old-fashioned route is also viable for you if you wish. That's a hell of a lot of candies, though!

Now that you've got our guide on how to get Accelgor in Pokemon GO, it should be a little bit easier for you to turn those dud Shelmets of yours into something a little bit cooler. It's just too bad that you can't hatch them organically, but we can see how that might end up being a bit of deal-breaker. At least evolving your Shelmets in Pokemon GO isn't nearly as mystical or confusing as it originally was when it came to this Unova fave. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO? Why not check out these tips and tricks that we've put together for Trainers just like you?