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Pokemon GO March Field Research Tasks and Rewards List

by Ginny Woo

With a new month comes a new set of Field Research tasks in Pokemon GO. Of course, we’re all used to how this works by now, but it never hurts to be prepared for what The Pokemon Company is going to throw at us this time. After a veritable flood of events in the past few weeks, maybe it’s time to take a breather and get down to something a little more low-impact and a little more routine. Our list of the Pokemon GO March Field Research tasks and rewards should help you knock out a couple of these in no time.

Pokemon GO March Field Research Tasks and Rewards List

For those who aren’t in the know, tramping by PokeStops and giving them a little ring will let you pick up various Field Research tasks. You’ll be able to get stamps daily from finishing research tasks, and collecting 7 of those stamps will let you encounter the breakthrough research event which we’ve also given you a little primer on for the month. We’ve reproduced a list below of all the research tasks for the month to make it simpler for you to track what you might need to do at any given time. Helpfully enough, we’ve also told you what rewards or Pokemon encounters you can get right next to each task. Handy, huh?

  • Catch 10 Pokemon – Magikarp
  • Catch a Dragon Type Pokemon – Dratini
  • Catch 5 Psychic Type Pokemon – Torchic
  • Catch 3 Fire, Grass, or Ground Type Pokemon – Hoppip
  • Catch 5 Pokemon with weather boost – Vulpix or Poliwag
  • Make 5 nice throws – Voltorb
  • Make 3 great throws – Gastly, Lileep or Anorith
  • Make 3 great throws in a row – Onix
  • Make 5 great curveball throws in a row – Spinda
  • Make 3 excellent throws in a row – Larvitar
  • Battle in a gym – Mankey
  • Battle in a gym 5 times – Machop
  • Win a gym battle – Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle
  • Win 3 gym battles – Jynx
  • Use a super effective charge attack in 7 gym battles – Electabuzz
  • Defeat 3 Team Rocket GO grunts – Growlithe
  • Battle another trainer – Mankey
  • Battle in a raid – Pinsir
  • Win a level 3 or higher raid – Omanyte or Kabuto
  • Win 5 raids – Aerodactyl
  • Hatch an egg – Exeggcute
  • Hatch 3 eggs – Magmar
  • Hatch 5 eggs – Chansey
  • Evolve a Pokemon – Eevee or Gloom
  • Power up a Pokemon 5 times – Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
  • Take a snapshot of your buddy – Sunkern
  • Earn 5 hearts with your buddy – Cherrim (Sunny)
  • Send 10 gifts to friends – Gligar
  • Transfer 3 Pokemon – Diglett
  • Trade a Pokemon – Tangela

Now that you have our Pokemon GO March Field Research Tasks and rewards list, it should be much easier for you to tick off your monthly to-do list of things to do in the game. There are a whopping 35 different species of Pokemon for you to gander at in March, so what are you waiting for? We’d get cracking if we were you, Trainer. Need a hand with anything else on the Pokemon GO front? Why not check out some of the other tips and tricks that we’ve assembled for your convenience in our dedicated hub for the title?

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