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Shatterline: How to Get Tier 5 Weapons

Unlock some of the best weapons in the game.

by Jesse Vitelli

Shatterline is an FPS game developed by Frag Labs LLC. The game features momentum-based gameplay centered around unique character abilities and gadgets. Think Call of Duty meets the characters from Apex Legends. There is a bevy of weapons you can add to your arsenal and customize to your liking. Here is how to get tier 5 weapons in Shatterline.

Shatterline: How to Get Tier 5 Weapons

In order to unlock the tier 5 weapons in Shatterline, you will need to earn experience. This can be done by playing matches and completing your challenges. As you gain more experience, you will begin to unlock the new tier of weapons. It’s going to take a serious commitment but just focus on completing the gameplay challenges.

Tier 5 weapons are the highest-tiered weapon you can unlock. Every 25,000 experience, the next set of tiers open. So in total, you’ll need 125,000 experience across the board to unlock tier 5.

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You’ll need to purchase additional attachment slots like any other weapon in the game to customize them fully. You’ll also need to rank these weapons up individually. So it’s going to be a long grind ahead.

Each tier comes with five weapons. You may find your favorite weapon before reaching the fifth tier, but it’s good to try them all out and see which feels the best. Any operator in the game can use whichever weapon you like, so try them out and see which combinations work for you.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to unlock tier 5 weapons in Shatterline. We have plenty of other helpful and useful guides for the game, so be sure to check out Prima Games.

Shatterline is free-to-play and available right now on early access for PC via Steam or GeForce Now.