Separate (Non-Conquest) Balances for Gods in SMITE Patch 9.7

Assault and Arena lovers assemble!

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Non-standard mode players can now rejoice! Hi-Rez has decided to stop neglecting modes that are not Normal Conquest and Ranked Conquest in terms of how Gods are balanced in them. It was, of course, understandable that the developer focused on Conquest modes in SMITE for all these years since it’s the main mode for the esports scene (like in any popular MOBA game) but the community’s voice has finally been heard.

Rebalancing the Gods in SMITE in Non-Conquest Game Modes

If you are interested in other major changes that have been brought to SMITE, please check out our main article.

It is easy to deduce that dynamics that work in Conquest don’t work in the same way in other game modes such as Assault, Joust, and Arena. You level your character at a different pace, you get more (or less) gold, and there are more (or less) teamfights.

If a God you are playing has a Non-Conquest Balance icon (looks like two orange and purple firework rockets spinning around each other), the Buff or Debuff Effects will be:

  • Damage to minions
  • Damage to gods
  • Damage received
  • Healing given
  • Non-ultimate ability cooldowns
  • Ultimate ability cooldown

Here are the already-known changes to Gods:


  • – 5% damage to gods
  • -10% damage to minions
  • +5% Non-ult CDs
  • +10% Ultimate Cooldown

People have been SCREAMING in Assault every time they got matched against an Ah Puch so this is great!

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  • -5% damage taken
  • -10% non-ultimate cooldowns
  • -10% ultimate cooldown

Ao Kuang is not that feasible in Arena and Assault so this should kind of help.


  • -10% damage taken
  • -10% ultimate cooldown

The same goes for Arachne. She is really not a mass brawl type.


  • -5% damage to gods
  • +10% Ultimate Cooldown

One of the most useful Gods in Arena and Assault has gotten a decent slap on the wrist.


  • +15% Ultimate Cooldown

OUCH! You can no longer cheese people with the Cooldown Build anymore in Arena (which included Chronos’ Pendant and Spear of Desolation).


  • -10% damage taken
  • -10% ultimate cooldown

Another peculiar character that does not handle himself well in mass brawls.


  • -10% non-ultimate cooldowns
  • -10% ultimate cooldown

The same can be said for Camazotz.


  • +10% damage to gods

This is kind of surprising. Janus was kind of fine in our opinion.


  • +5% Damage taken
  • +5% Non-ult Cooldowns 
  • +15% Ult Cooldown

Absolute BEAST of support in Assault in Arena has gotten three decent slaps on his wrists.

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  • +5% damage to minions
  • -5% damage taken
  • -5% Non-ultimate cooldowns

A lot of people hated whenever someone didn’t want to reroll Set in Assault. Maybe this changes things a bit?

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  • -10% damage taken
  • +5% damage to gods

Well, she will certainly be less squishy now!


  • -10% damage to gods
  • +5% Non-ultimate cooldowns

FINALLY! (We believe that this is sufficient commentary on the matter).

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