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When Does Season 10 Rising Heroes Release in Pokemon GO?

A season of super heroes.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Rising Heroes Pokemon GO

Now that the Hoenn Tour has come to an end, it’s time to start gearing up for the next season of Pokemon GO, and this is a major milestone for the game as a whole. Rising Heroes brings us the official Season 10 which promises to bring new Pokemon, and it’s right around the corner.

In the current state of the game, seasons typically last for a few months and then the next cycle of content begins. That sentiment remains true for the tenth official season of Pokemon GO, and in this guide, we’ll cover when the update officially releases and what you can expect.

Pokemon GO – When Does Season 10 Rising Heroes Release?

Trainers who are anticipating the tenth official cycle of content won’t have to wait long. Season 10 of Pokemon GO will start on March 1, which lines up perfectly with the three month rotation that we’ve all been following. The exact timing of the season hasn’t yet been revealed, but there is an easy trend to follow.

Around the world, the Season of Rising Heroes will likely start at the same time. For example, the new season of the GO Battle League always starts at 1 PM PT or 4 PM ET. If it’s not a global launch, then Season 10 will start at 10 AM local time just like any other events that go live in the game.

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Two of the center pieces for the new Pokemon GO season appear to be Regidrago and Regieleki, which are Legendaries from Generation VIII. Gimmighoul will also garner a major debut with the launch of Season 10, but we’ll have to wait for the official blog post to learn more about the overall cycle of content.

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