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What are Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Make your ghost gremlin happy by collecting these coins

by Daphne Fama

If you’re playing Pokemon GO on February 27, 2023, you’ve likely seen the Pokestops in your area turn from the usual distinctive blue to gold. What gives? What are the Gold Pokestops in Pokemon GO?

What are Gold PokeStops in Pokemon Go? – Answered

For a limited time, all trainers will have access to Gold Pokestops. This is both a boon to trainers who are trying to get the latest Pokemon and a great marketing technique. For those unaware, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon GO can now finally be linked.

Trainers in Pokemon GO will be able to send their Pokemon Violet and Scarlet accounts postcards, which will change the pattern of the Vivillon found in Paldea to the pattern on the postcard. In exchange, you’ll gain access to the Coin Bag in Pokemon GO, which will act similarly to a Daily Incense. But instead of attracting general Pokemon, it will lure one in particular: Roaming Form Gimmighoul.

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That’s right; Roaming Form Gimmighoul is now catchable! And similar to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it needs 999 Gimmighoul Coins to evolve.

And that’s the function of Gold Pokestops. These Gold Pokestops can be spun to gain more Gimmighoul coins, accelerating the process of gathering them. But Gold Poke Stops don’t usually spawn randomly. Instead, you’ll need to get Golden Lures to turn the average blue Pokestop into one that produces Gimmighoul Coins.

To do this, you must send multiple postcards to your Pokemon Scarlet or Violet account. In doing so, you’ll get the Golden Lure in exchange, which can then be equipped to a Pokestop of your choice.

But Golden Lures aren’t farmable. You can only get one a day, with the day being reset at midnight, your local time. That makes getting the coins a bit of a grind, but surely Gholdengo is worth it.

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