Saints Row: How to Unlock the Playlist App

Unlock some custom playlists for your listening pleasure.

Music is a huge part of Saints Row. Having the right tune in your headphones as you cause destruction around the city can really elevate the mood. When you first start out in Saints Row, you won’t have access to the music player. The playlist app is blocked out. So how do you unlock the playlist app in Saints Row? Well, we have the answer for you below.

Saints Row: How to Unlock the Playlist App

To unlock the Playlist app in Saints Row, you’ll need to complete the main mission Donut Run. This mission starts with The Boss getting some donuts for the team meeting, some chaos ensues, and your good pal Kevin has to come in and save the day. After you’ve stopped some hungry headhunters from trying to kill you, you’ll be rewarded with cash, experience, and the playlist app on your phone.

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You can now open the cell phone menu anytime and create custom playlists to listen to even when you’re not in a car or other vehicle. This is great for anyone who wants to listen to some music while vibing around town or have the right music for a side activity or general shenanigans.

Once you’ve unlocked it, you can make any playlist you want from the various music given to you. Pick your favorites or make different playlists for different vibes. It’s totally up to you. The soundtrack in Saints Row is pretty extensive, ranging from classical tunes to some of the heaviest metal out there.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about unlocking the playlist app in Saints Row. If you’re having trouble trying to find where the Empire Board is, or you want a list of all of the radio music in Saints Row, look no further.

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