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RUST Mini-Copter Controls Guide

Remember Mad Max 2?

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Rust Mini-Copter Controls Guide

What is a Mini-copter? A propeller, a seat, a control lever, and a gas can! Yeah, it can fly and it was really a game changer for RUST once it was introduced with the Mini-copter update, allowing players to take it to the skies easier than ever before. Easy flying in a game like RUST of course has a lot of perks, you can scout the terrain, cover large distances faster and even complete some activities more efficiently. But to really master the Mini-copter pilot skills you need to be accustomed to the controls – check them out below.

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RUST Mini-Copter Controls Guide

Check out all the keyboard and mouse controls you need to have at your fingertips while flying the Mini-copter:

Mini-copter ground controls in RUST:

  • Press W to start the engine
  • Hold W to take off
  • Hold left CRTL + W, A, S, D to drive it on the ground
  • Hold S to shut down the engine

Mini-copter flight controls in RUST:

  • Hold W to speed up the propeller and initiate vertical movement upwards
  • Hold S to slow down the propeller rotation and descend (tap the button to land it safely)
  • Move Mouse forward or backward to pitch
  • Move Mouse left or right to roll
  • Press A or D in light to turn left or right
  • Hold left CTRL + A or D to make the Mini-copter turn without roll

Other Mini-copter controls in RUST:

  • Hold left ALT + move Mouse to control the camera and look around
  • Press Space to get up from your seat
  • Press X to swap your seat

Remember it is Mini-copter, not Gyrocopter, but it kinda looks the same! Now that you know the controls and how to use them, go and live out your Mad Max 2 fantasy inside RUST!

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