How to Craft Reinforced Glass Windows in Rust

Don't let someone's window stop you from sweet loot!

Rust Reinforced Glass Window
Screenshot by Prima Games

In a game focused on quickly gaining loot to ensure you have the advantage over your neighbor before you raid their base, something as small as a window can halt any and all plans. Here is how to craft a Reinforced Glass Window in Rust.

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How to Craft a Reinforced Glass Window in Rust

You will need a Level 3 Workbench and four High-Quality Metal to craft a Reinforced Glass Window in Rust. Besides the late-game Workbench, it’s not challenging or too expensive to craft window bars reinforced with metal to withstand rockets and explosives.

That said, depending on the type of server you’re playing, you may also require the Blueprint. Once you find the BP or use a Research Table, which will cost you 125 Scrap, you must build the Workbench and craft the Reinforced Glass Window. It’s a whole process.

But hey, let’s assume you only need one or two Reinforced Glass Windows to complete your base. Do you really want to spend potentially tens of hours grinding for the necessary resources? You can always loot the item from:

  • Locked Crate.
  • Elite Tier Crate.
  • Underwater Lab Elite Crate.
  • Helicopter Crate.
  • Heavy Scientists.

These containers only offer a slight chance to drop the Reinforced Glass Window, with the Locked Crate offering the best (13%) and the Heavy Scientist offering the worst (0.3%). Unless you’re running the various POIs on a loop, you’ll likely want to stick to the research and crafting method instead.

How to Destroy a Reinforced Glass Window in Rust

Like any other object in Rust, a Reinforced Glass Window is a temporary stopgap to dissuade raiders from accessing your base. It’s not the end-all-be-all of defense, though. Here’s what it takes to destroy a Reinforced Glass Window:

Timed Explosive Charge211 Seconds
Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo2001:25
Rocket418 Seconds
Satchel Charge1225 Seconds
Beancan Grenade563:32
High Velocity Rocket343:18
Homing Missile1009:46
F1 Grenade49720:44
MLRS Rocket3
40mm HE Grenade3933 Seconds

As you can see from the table, it’s best to use two Timed Explosive Charges to blast through a Reinforced Glass Window. If you don’t want to waste your C4, opt for Rockets. But anything else is usually a waste of time and resources!

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