RuneScape Weekly Patch Notes – June 26, 2023

This week brings us Demonic Skull updates, Trimmed Completionist Cape changes, and more.

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It’s that time of the week. You’re getting ready for another week of whatever it is you do. Who knows what this week will bring you? One thing that is for sure, though, is that with a new week comes new RuneScape patch notes. Every week I look forward to seeing what new updates Jagex gifts us with. Whether they are big updates or small quality of life changes, they always improve the current state of the game! Let’s see what they’ve released, updated, or modified in this week’s RuneScape patch notes as of June 26, 2023.

What’s New This Week in RuneScape


  • Added Master Quest Cape to the Trimmed Completionist Cape requirements.
  • Edited requirements that appear on both, so they only appear on the Master Quest Cape.
  • Added Reaper Crew to the Trimmed Completionist Cape requirements.
  • Added the Globetrotter outfit to the Trimmed Completionist Cape requirements.


  • Wood spirits can now be used directly from the Wood Box.
  • The hotspots of the South Wall Section 2 can now be accessed without any issues.
  • Hotfixed: The Dwarven Chainaxe no longer gives XP and produce when in double-resource mode.
  • Hotfixed: Impling spawn rates from the Tree Shaking Scrimshaw have been reduced after they were spawning too frequently following the Woodcutting changes.
  • Hotfixed: Fixed an issue that meant players were unable to get a refund for Leprechaun composting services.
  • The safe space/healing area of bank deposit spots has returned to all banks in Fort Forinthry.


  • The Demonic Skull is no longer tradeable and drops 500,000 gold on PvP death.
  • Hotfixed: Resolved an issue with the ordering of items in the Death Preview and have reenabled Death Costs
  • Text scaling is now uniform across all NPC Chatboxes.
  • Withdrawing a Demonic Skull from a Bank within the Wilderness will no longer automatically opt players into PvP they will receive a warning first. Players can still be attacked within the Wilderness while they are in possession of the Skull.
  • Wilderness Teleport spells no longer require double confirmation on warning dialogue.
  • Portable Fairy Rings now teleport beyond level 30 Wilderness if the player is not opted into PvP.


  • Updated and increased the number of Pride-themed presets available in the Max/Comp Cape customiser.
  • Tuska’s Wrath no longer deals 10,000% damage against non-Slayer targets when using Slayer Wildcards.
  • Players are no longer able to deploy portables on top of Postie Pete at the Draynor Lodestone.
  • Players can now repair the Barrelchest Anchor at the Smith as intended.
  • Wilderness flash event rewards can be placed in your Bank again.
  • Last Wills will no longer be dropped to the ground when claiming Treasure Hunter rewards.
  • You will be asked to make space in your Inventory before you can continue.
  • Ironman players can now only see Ironman rewards in the Parcels For The Dead info screen.

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We’ve got some nice updates this week. Players have been wanting the Trimmed Completionist Cape updates for quite some time now. Needing the Master Quest Cape makes sense as you haven’t really finished everything there is to do in RuneScape if you haven’t completed all of the quests and related content. The two included achievements Reaper Crew and Globetrotter have you defeating all listed bosses and earning a Treasure Trails outfit respectively. Most of the other updates are generally nice quality of life updates. Woodcutter’s Grove continues to improve and, I’ve got to say, players not being able to deploy portables on top of Postie Pete is nice. He’s impossible to click when done so. Hurray!

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