The Nine of Knives Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

Time to slap some sense into this cannibal

It’s hard enough to live a life on the road, particularly in the cruel deserts of Dhalmekia. But there’s a bandit that haunts the sands that’s making things significantly harder. And, of course, it falls to Clive to solve the problem. Here’s how to find The Nine of Knives in Final Fantasy 16, and all the rewards you get for killing him.

The Nine of Knives Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI)

If there’s one thing Clive’s good at, it’s putting bloodthirsty men in their place. And if there’s one rogue who needs to be sent packing, it’s The Nine of Knives, a bloodthirsty brigand who’s been killing merchants that pass along his road. And he’s quite a tough fight as a Rank-A mark. When you fight him, he’ll be level 38.

To find him, head to The Jaw on the world map, at the bottom of the screen.

 The Jaw location
Screenshots by Prima Games | The Jaw location

Once you’ve loaded into The Jaw, you won’t have far to go. Follow the trail forward, and you’ll see The Nine of Knives standing in the middle of the road, looking quite imposing. He really is just standing around waiting for anyone to pass through.

Nine of Knives location
Nine of Knives location

He’ll tell you he wants to feast on your flesh. In response, kick him in the teeth.

The Nine of Knives is a fast combatant that primarily uses short-ranged attacks. He’ll spin with his daggers, attacking fast, but because it’s so fast, it’s very easy to Parry or use Titan block on. But he’s also capable of kicking you up in the air, staggering you, and doing a chunk of damage. His special attacks are Undermine and Poison Mist. With Undermine, he’ll burrow into the ground and then leap into the air from below. But this attack is very easy to avoid, as there’s a huge dust glow that shows his position below ground. Just avoid it.

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All Rewards for Defeating The Nine of Knives in Final Fantasy 16

  • Wyrrite x 25 (common crafting material)
  • Meteorite x 2 (uncommon crafting material)
  • 5,000 Experience
  • 90 Ability points
  • 10,500 Gold
  • 30 Renown

The Nine of Knives isn’t the only mark lurking in the desert. In fact, there’s one very close by, and it’s a cakewalk compared to this guy. Check out how to find Grimalkin here: Grimalkin Hunt Location & Rewards in Final Fantasy 16 (FFXVI).

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