RuneScape Weekly Patch Notes – July 10, 2023

This week brings us Woodcutters' Grove updates, currency updates, and more.

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It’s that time of the week; you’re getting ready for another seven days of whatever it is you do. Who knows what this week will bring you? One thing that is for sure, though, is that with a new week comes new RuneScape patch notes. Every week I look forward to seeing what new updates Jagex gifts us with. Whether they are big updates or small quality-of-life changes, they always improve the current state of the game! Let’s see what they’ve released, updated, or modified in this week’s RuneScape patch notes as of July 10, 2023.

What’s New This Week in RuneScape


  • Abyssal beasts are now less likely to move the player when in combat.
  • One of the Agility vines of the Anachronia Agility Course should no longer disappear when players approach it from the north.
  • Familiars with small Inventory sizes now display correctly compared to those with bigger inventory sizes.
  • A number of errors and inconsistencies within various Skill Guides have been fixed:
    • Fixed multiple tooltip issues.
    • Updated various descriptions.
    • Fixed typos.
    • Added the ‘Also requires…’ text to Mining Skill Guide entries about Dungeoneering.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the achievement ‘Barking up the wrong tree’ to not be awarded when the requirements were met.
  • Players’ walk animation override will no longer be disabled after squashing a Grand Seed Pod.
  • The Dwarven Army Axe can now be claimed from Major Rancour in Burthorpe without needing to complete the Burthorpe tutorial path.
  • Removed the 13 Defence requirement from the ‘A Visit to Charlie’ achievement, since 13 Defence is no longer required to use Fairy Rings.
  • Players now receive better feedback when they try to note Cabbages with the Tool Leprechaun at the Farming patches south of Falador.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed continuous gathering from decaying guard hunter nodes when a Sign of the Porter effect was active with a full Bank.
  • General Graardor and Kree’arra’s bodyguards now have a chance to drop warpriest armour pieces.
  • Players can no longer leave memories or cutscenes when transmogrified into Moia.
  • Fixed an issue causing Quest Capes to activate the Stone of Jas buff if a teleport to Glacor Cavern was unsuccessful.
  • The Quick Prayer icon no longer turns gray when placed on the Action Bar and can be used without issues.
  • Both modes for ‘Zamorak, Lord of Chaos’ are now visible in the ‘Boss kills’ interface.
  • The Soul Wars Avatars can no longer be killed with Deathtouched Darts.
  • The Superheat spell can now be used on Obsidian Shards.
  • Large numbers in the HiScores and the Music Player interfaces will now come with a comma separator.
  • When players teleport to a Lodestone, they should no longer be visible before the arrival animation has played.
  • The Clan window now correctly updates the slide-out menu when players leave the Clan Chat.
  • Improved feedback when making flatpacks on a PoH workbench that cannot make furniture of their level.
  • The Fishing spot under the bridge in Shilo Village has been removed.
  • The forcewalk tile in the northern area of Mos Le’Harmless has been removed.
  • Corrected a punctuation error in the Murder on the Border quest.
  • The Treasure Hunter tutorial now correctly plays regardless of the chosen key mode.
  • The bottom border in the Treasure Hunter Promotion Information window is now always visible.
  • Players should now receive less dialogue when claiming their free TokKul from TzHaar-Hur-Zuh in TzHaar City and seaweed and pineapples from Arhein in Catherby.
  • Players can once again teleport to the active Wilderness flash event by using the teleport option on either the wandering Ramokee or Nikkel in Edgeville.
  • The log in chat message no longer informs players about collecting the Golden Cape Shards.
  • Tidied up the Yak Track Forinthry Frontier area in Burthorpe.

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  • Attempting to empty your Money Pouch in to an already full Bank will now return the correct error message.
  • Attempting to move items from your Bank to a Beast of Burden that would trigger an error message, now displays the correct error message.
  • Fixed an issue when reclaiming items from Death that was causing empty Rune Pouches to be overvalued and too expensive.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Price Checker to display incorrect values.
  • The Travelling Merchant and Fancy Dress Shop Owner will now correctly display your true monetary worth when interacting with their respective stores.


  • The execute chance as part of the Tier 3 Guardhouse perk was effecting certain bosses. This has been corrected. This change affects the following bosses:
    • Temple of Aminishi:
      • Ol’ Sawtooth
    • Dragonkin Laboratory:
      • Giant Slime
      • Smoulders
      • Elegorn the Celestial
      • Alanogard the Black
      • Engorged lava strykewyrm
      • Sangri the Red
      • Verak Little
    • Shadow Reef:
      • Ulthven Keith
      • Bossy McBossFace
      • Quetzathog
      • Yor’Ger the Deceiver
      • Oreb, the Magister
      • Masuta the Descended
      • Corpse Carrier
      • Bloated monstrosity
    • Zamorakian Undercity
      • Fred
      • Cerberus Juvenile
      • Denizen of Infernus
      • Smoulders, the Revenger
      • Maelstrom, Raging Waterfiend
    • The Salve Amulet and its enhanced variant now have updated tooltips to show the effects they offer.


  • Farming tree patch NPCs should no longer abruptly say that they’re already taking care of the Farming patches when players ask them for Farming advice.
  • The ‘My fort smells of rich mahogany’ achievement no longer appears locked in the Achievements interface and the tooltip has been updated to list 60 Construction as a requirement.
  • Added Skill Guide entries for the Grove cabin.
  • Missing options have been added back to the dropdown menu of the make-x Fletching interface.
  • Players can no longer store noted items in a Woodbox.
  • Modified wood spirits to award the player with extra Logs when the Adze or related effects are active.
  • Changed the examine text of Bird’s Nests that contain wood spirits.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the tree in The Lost Grove to spawn partially below the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where having an Adze effect active and chopping trees would not contribute to Woodcutting daily tasks.
  • The Imcando Hatchet now sheathes correctly and the glow from the augmented version is now brighter and visible from all angles.
  • When setting the quick teleport option of the Nature’s Sentinel outfit to the Elder Tree in the Woodcutter’s Grove, the chat message will no longer say ‘No quick teleport destination selected’.
  • The final tree stump models for the customisable trees in Fort Forinthry have been plugged in.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Woodbox’s tooltip to display wrong information when it has been partially emptied.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Woodbox tooltip to not display its contents while it was in the bank.
  • Adjusted the Kitchen Tier 3 requirements with the proper wood type.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Yew trees in the Woodcutter’s Grove to spawn with graphical errors.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Blessed Hatchet.
  • Willow trees are no longer labelled as ‘members only’ on the World Map.

Wow, there’s a lot of updates this week. It seems that everything is back in full force after the quiet week we had last time due to Game Jam. I’m really excited to see the Woodcutter’s Grove updates. It just shows that they continue to listen to feedback and adjust the game accordingly which, I have to admit, they have been really good at doing as of late.

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