RuneScape Holy Grail Quest Guide

Here is a complete guide on how to complete the Holy Grail quest in RuneScape.

RuneScape never lacks in providing players with unique quests. One of these adventures is the Holy Grail; here’s how to complete it.

How to Complete the Holy Grail Quest in RuneScape

The Holy Grail quest begins when King Arthur asks his knights to go and search for the Holy Grail. It is the second of the Camelot quest series and provides people who complete it with access to the Fisher Realm.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Holy Grail quest in RuneScape:

1. Talk to King Arthur

You first have to talk to King Arthur in Camelot Castle. He will tell you about the Holy Grail. You will then offer to help his knights attempt to locate the Holy Grail.

2. Talk to Merlin

King Arther will then have you talk to the wizard Merlin. He can be found on the 2nd floor of Camelot Castle. He will then advise you to speak with Sir Galahad and the High Priest, who he believes knows something about the Holy Grail’s location.

3. Talk to the High Priest

Before locating Sir Galahad, you must first travel to Entrana to speak with the High Priest. Take a boat from the port to the island and enter the main chapel of the church. While speaking with the priest, a random figure will appear and exclaim that the Fisher King is in trouble.

4. Find Sir Galahad

Sit Galahad can be found in a building west of Seer’s Village. You will then talk to him and tell him you are on a quest for the Holy Grail. He will give you a holy table napkin, which will allow you to see a Magic Whistle that will send you to the Fisher Realm.

5. Retrieve the Magic Whistle

The Magic Whistle can be found on the top floor of the Draynor Manor. You MUST have the holy table napkin in your possession to see the whistle, though. Take the Magic Whistle (there will be two of them so take both) and head to where the four stone faces point: East of Seer’s Village bank, south of the Fishing Guild, north of the Tower of Life and west of the Brimhaven POH Portal.

The location will be under a watchtower. Blow the Magic Whistle there to be teleported to the Fisher King’s Realm.

6. Kill the Black Knight Titan

You will be transported to the Fisher Ream, where you will meet up with the Black Knight Titan, found northwest on a narrow bridge. You must be wielding the Excalibur, which can be retrieved by completing Merlin’s quest. Kill the Black Knight Titan.

7. Find the Grail Bell

After defeating the Black Knight Titan, walk southeast to the fisherman by the river and talk to him. He will tell you that you must ring a grail bell to enter the nearby castle. Head southwest of the castle, where you will find a grail bell lying on the ground near a pile of bricks. Ring the bell in front of the castle to go in.

8. Talk to the Fisher King

Once in the castle, head upstairs and speak to the Fisher King. He tells you he is dying and he wants you to meet his son, Sir Percival. Go back to Camelot and speak to King Arthur, who will tell you he does not know where Sir Percival is. King Arthur will then give you a magic gold feather which points to a pair of golden boots that Sir Percival was looking for.

9. Head to Goblin Village

You must first blow on the gold feather, which will then lead you to Goblin Village. Once in the village, head to the east house where you will find Sir Percival stuck in a sack due to getting caught in a Golbin trap. Give him the second Magic Whistle so he can travel to see his father.

10. Return to the Fisher Realm

Blow the Magic Whistle under the tower northwest of Brimhaven, sending yourself back into the Fisher Realm. Head back to the castle and follow the staircase in the eastern part of the castle to the top. There you will find the Holy Grail. Retrieve it and bring it back to Camelot to give to King Arthur.

And there you have it! You have officially completed the Holy Grail quest.

Holy Grail Quest Rewards

The Holy Grail quest in RuneScape has a few big rewards for those who complete it.

Holy Grail Quest Rewards:

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 11,000 Prayer Experience
  • 15,300 Defence Experience
  • Access to the Fisher Realm
  • Ability to Put the King Arther Picture in Your House
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys

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