How to Get Korasi’s Sword (Voidwaker) in RuneScape (OSRS)

Here is a guide on how you can acquire the Voidwaker sword in Old School RuneScape.

Are you looking to wield the legendary Voidwaker (Korasi’s Sword) in Old School RuneScape? Luckily, with just some gold coins, this weapon can be yours.

Here is how to get the Voidwaker in Old School RuneScape.

How to Assemble the Voidwaker (Korasi’s Sword) in RuneScape

Acquiring the Voidwaker in Old School Runescape is actually relatively easy… if you have the gold. Take the Voidwaker blade, hilt, and gem to the Ferox Enclave Dungeon. There, you will meet Madam Shakiro, who will offer to assemble the Voidwaker for you.

The only catch is that it cost 500,000 gold coins. So make sure to save up before setting out on this journey. Acquiring the pieces to build the blade can be found in drops from Vet’ion, Callisto, and Venenatis.

While 500,000 gold coins may seem like a lot, the Voidwaker, when assembled, is worth 2 million coins.

Voidwaker stats:

The Voidwaker is not only rare but incredibly strong. Here are some of the blade’s stats:

  • Attack Bonuses:
    • +70 Stab
    • +80 Slash
    • -2 Crush
    • +5 Magic
    • +0 Ranged
  • Defense Bonuses:
    • +0 Stab
    • +1 Slash
    • +0 Crush
    • +2 Magic
    • +0 Ranged
  • Other Bonuses:
    • +80 Strength
    • +0 Ranged Strength
    • +0 Magic Damage
    • +0 Prayer

While the sword deals a heavy amount of damage to opponents, let it be known that foes with magic-resistant items will take less damage because it does have a tiny bit of magic attack power.

Let it be noted, though, that the Voidwaker requires an Attack level of 75 or higher to wield. It is not a common weapon that just any player can use.

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