RuneScape Desperate Measures Quest (Quick Guide)

Here is a guide on how to complete the Desperate Measures quest in RuneScape.

The Desperate Measures quest in RuneScape is considered a bit more tedious of a quest to complete compared to others. Luckily, though, we have put together a guide that will help you complete the infamous quest as fast as possible.

A Guide on How to Complete the Desperate Measures Quest in RuneScape

First revealed in 2019, the Desperate Measures quest quickly became a quest sought after to complete by players. Let it be noted that you must have unlocked have the Archeology skill to play this quest.

Here is a step-by-step guide on completing the Desperate Measures quest in RuneScape.

1. Locate the Dragonkin Artefacts

To start off the quest, you must head to the Council of Burthrope, which can be found North of the Burthrope Lodestone. Once there, head to the second floor and speak with Seren. She will advise you to speak with Mr. Mordaut, who is located at the Anachronia base camp.

Once you speak with Mr. Mordaut, you will learn of Charos and Thok, who are located just north of the base camp. Find both of them and speak with them. After completing Thok’s game of killing dinosaurs, you will excavate the remains to obtain the Damaged Dragonkin Device.

Repair the device using an Archeologist’s Workbench (must have 50 Orthenglass) and then bring it to Charos.

Once Charos has seen the device, a spot of rubble will appear, which you must excavate. You will then be given a Damaged Dragonkin Tablet, which you must repair at another Archelogist’s Workbench (must have 50 Orthenglass again).

2. Talk With Hannibus

You must next find Hannibus, who is located on the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm. He will translate the Dragonkin Tablet for you, telling you to meet him in the ruins which are located northeast of Anachronia.

You must now go through the Agility Course, which is north of the base camp. Once finished, you will be able to pass through the cave entrance. Follow the mini map deep into the ruins where you will meet up with Hannibus again.

Hannibus will ask you to use the Dragonkin Device on the door beside him. Do it and then speak to him again. He will reveal to you that you are in a sleeping chamber of the Nodon and that he can transport you into their dreams.

Take him up on his offer and enter into the Nodons’ dreams. Talk to Hannibus in the dream and he will advise you to follow one of the Nodons which you will see leave the room. When you both end up at a door to the ruins, use the password Hepencaraun to enter.

Hannibus will be waiting for you where you last saw him. Return to him and ask to re-enter the dream. Follow the second Nodon this time and watch as he enters a code into the Pylon within the room. Inspect the Pylon, which will allow your character to remember the code when needed.

Once out of the dream world, enter the code you learned on the Pylon in the room. This will allow you to enter the room on the north side of the building.

3. Enter the Kindra Council Memory

Hannibus will then put you in the Kindra Council memory. This entire memory will be a cutscene, in which you must watch closely. Once returning to the real world, you and Hannibus will be greeted by Charos and Thok.

After talking with the two, Kerapac, a character you saw in the Kindra Council memory will appear and you will have to fight him. You will learn that The Needle, a massive artifact, has given Kerapac incredible powers. After the fight ends, you will all split up to learn more information about Kerapac before meeting up again at base camp.

4. Head to Burthorpe

Head to Burthorpe and talk to Seren again. You will tell her of Kerapac and his agenda. Then, head to the house west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and speak with Primrose. She will advise you on The Needle, which you must deactivate.

Head back to Burthorpe Castle and speak with Seren once more. She will then advise you to meet with Jas, the Needle’s creator.

5. Meeting With Jas

Seren will lead you to the Heart of Gielinor, where you will meet the infamous Jas. When talking with Jas, only choose dialogue that is positive. This is because she is easily offended, and you do not want to upset her.

She will give you the Eye of Jas to use and attempt to stop Kerapac. Head back to the base camp in Anachronia to talk with your allies about your findings.

6. Kerapac Appears: Face Off Against the Dinosaurs

Once in the base camp, you will talk with everyone. Then, Kerapac will appear, and tell everyone that he has sent all the dinosaurs to the camp to kill them. Defeat all the dinosaurs.

7. Break Into Kerapac’s Lab

Once you have defeated the frenzy of attacking dinosaurs, you must speak with Charos, who will advise you to investigate around Kerapac’s lab. He will give you an item called the Measure, which you will utilize in your investigation.

You must place the Measure in these four locations:

  • Through the archway, north of where you talked to Charos.
  • The cave within the Agility course.
  • The Dragonkin ruins northwest of the Arcane Apoterrasaur.
  • Up a flight of stairs, east of the Dragonkin ruins in the previous location.

After this is done, you will be able to enter Kerapac’s lab, which will be revealed where Charos and Thok were when you first met them.

The lab will be full of symbols, which you must use to unlock the Pylons.

Put these codes into each Pylon:

  • Chenrath Pylon: 3-1-4
  • Kalistrak Pylon: 2-1-4
  • Bujahepen Pylon: 7-1-5
  • Slancras Pylon: 4-1-6

8. Defeat the Black Stone Dragon

After you have deactivated all the Pylons, the Black Stone Dragon will appear, which you must defeat. Kerapac will then appear, and you use the Eye of Jas to control the needle.

The laboratory will begin to collapse and you will only have 48 seconds to evacuate.

Once you have escaped the laboratory, talk with Charos, who will advise you to return to Burthrope and speak with Seren. After speaking with Seren, the quest will officially be complete.

Desperate Measures Quest Rewards

Here is everything rewarded to you after completing the Desperate Measures quest in RuneScape.

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 20,000 Archeology Experience
  • 20,000 Combat Experience
  • Cosmic Focus
  • Thok’s Stick Cosmetic Override
  • Remototem Base
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys

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