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Rune Factory 5: Devil Horns Location Guide

by Nikola Pajtic
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The Rune Factory franchise is not your average JRPG, instead focusing on farming and gathering. The newest iteration, Rune Factory 5, has been available worldwide since March 2022. With its unique gameplay and original in-game mechanics, players will spend hours exploring the rich world, performing various tasks, taming and slaying different monsters, and collecting resources. 

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One of these resources is Devil Horns. They are used for crafting various weapons, including Magical Lance, Volcanon, Flare Lance, and Crimson Staff, among others. Devil Horns are rather rare, but here are a few locations where you can find them in Rune Factory 5. 

How to Get Devil Horns in Rune Factory 5

One of the rarest items in Rune Factory 5 is Devil Horns. Devil Horns belong to the Sticks and Stems class and are dropped by certain enemies at specific locations. 

You will get them by killing Kaiser Trolls and Murder Trolls. 

Where to Find Kaiser Trolls in Rune Factory 5

Kaiser Trolls are one of many monsters in Rune Factory 5, which you will find at Bandit King’s Old Base and Basara’s Hideaway.

In addition to Devil Horns, this creature will also drop Glacies Crystal Fragment, Giant’s Nail, and Jet Black Talon. 

Where to Find Murder Trolls in Rune Factory 5

Besides Kaiser Trolls, Murder Trolls are another creature that drops the item. You will find these monsters at Meline Crystal Cavern Depths and Belpha Ruins Depths. 

Devil Horns are one of the essential resources in Rune Factory 5, but they are hard to come by so it may take you some grinding to get what you need. Good luck!

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