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Does Rune Factory 5 Have New Game Plus? – Answered

What to do in the post-game.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Does Rune Factory 5 Have New Game Plus

Rune Factory 5 is a fun JRPG for the Nintendo Switch where the player takes on the role of a farmer/monster tamer/RPG hero. Similar to other farming games, a large part is focused on building social relationships with other villagers, but Rune Factory also brings more classic RPG action in the dungeons as well. When you play a full season and make it to the end, the question is, does Rune Factory 5 have new game plus, and what do you do after the credits roll?

Does Rune Factory 5 Have New Game Plus?

The answer is – no. After you finish the main story, you can start a New Game and continue to do Extra Directives, but your items and progress will not be transferred. Rune Factory 5, at least at the time of writing, doesn’t have a real New Game Plus – but there are so many things that you can still do in the game after you beat it. Check out below for some examples:

Rigbarth Maze in Rune Factory 5

The real final dungeon of the game can be unlocked from Extra Directives. This challenging dungeon contains enemies and bosses that are level 120 and above. Grinding the Rigbarth Maze can be a very good way to get rare endgame materials that you need in order to craft endgame equipment and weapons.

Get Married and Raise a Family in Rune Factory 5

As with most games of this type, it is possible to get married and start a family. If you didn’t do this in the main game, the post-game is the ideal time. After the last update, Rune Factory 5 offers a choice of six desirable bachelors or bachelorettes – and yes, for the first time in the series, same-sex marriages are available.

Complete Your Collection and Upgrade Your Gear

One of the most logical things you can do in Rune Factory 5’s post-game is to set yourself a quest to collect all the items and complete your collection, as well as upgrade all the gear, weapons, and tools because that way you will be prepared for additional content that might be on the way.

Rune Factory 5 is available for Nintendo Switch and as of July 13, 2022, the PC version is on Steam.

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