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Rumbling Hollows Event in Wuthering Waves, Explained

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Wuthering Waves’ Rumbling Hollows event is one of the more straightforward activities in the game that players can complete for rewards. The event focuses players’ attention on the Tower of Adversity mode, which is basically a tower full of levels that players need to beat. Here’s how to participate in the Rumbling Hollows Event in Wuthering Waves and collect its rewards.

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Wuthering Waves Rumbling Hollows Event Breakdown

Besides Depths of Illusive Realm, the Rumbling Hollows event is another activity players can relish after reaching the middle-game phases of Wuthering Waves. The Rumbling Hollows event allows players to battle it out in the Tower of Adversity mode to earn rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to Unlock Rumbling Hollows Event

To unlock the Rumbling Hollows event, you will need to reach Union Level 15 and gain access to the Tower of Adversity mode. Feel free to read our guide on how to farm exp and gain Union Levels in Wuthering Waves.

How to Participate and Complete Rumbling Hollows Event

After you’ve unlocked the Tower of Adversity mode and reached Union Level 15, you’ll immediately gain access to the Rumbling Hollows event. From here, head into the Tower of Adversity mode and complete both the Stable Zone and Experiment Zone. Once you’ve beaten all the floors in the Stable Zone and Experiment Zone, you’ll be able to receive the event rewards. Successful event completion will reward you 1x Yuanwu, 5x Premium Energy Cores, 5x Premium Resonance Potions, and 60,000x Shell Credits.

And that’s how you can complete the Rumbling Hollows event. There currently isn’t any time limit on when the event will be over, so don’t worry too much about rushing to finish it. For more helpful guides about Wuthering Waves like how to redeem codes for free rewards or how to customize your account in-game, check out our dedication section on Prima Games.

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