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How to Customize Your Account in Wuthering Waves

Impress your friends!

It’s been around a week since Wuthering Waves debuted and players have spent dozens of hours enjoying everything it has to offer. But there’s one feature that players might be missing out on and that’s the account customization feature. Here’s how to customize your account in Wuthering Waves.

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How to Customize Accounts in Wuthering Waves

While you can’t customize characters and their facial features in Wuthering Waves, you can bling out your account to impress friends and other players. To do this, simply head to the menu where you can find all the other features in Wuthering Waves like Convenes, Inventory, and Quests.

1) Select Customization Menu

Select the account profile menu in the top right corner, which should resemble three small dots on the left side of your character portrait. Once opened, you should see six different tabs that you can select.

2) Change Avatar and Switch Sigil

The first two tabs you’ll immediately notice are the Change Avatar and Switch Sigil tabs. Simply select the tab to enter the customization menu for both features. In the Change Avatar tab, you can switch between different character portraits and highlight your favorite characters. It’s worth mentioning that you can only pick portraits of characters you already have.

The Switch Sigil tab allows you to equip a cover banner of sorts, which displays behind your character profile portrait. There are currently twenty-four sigils shown in the tab, but again, you can only equip those that you’ve acquired. You can check each sigil to see how you can obtain it in-game.

3) Edit Name and Edit Biography

The next two tabs you’ll find in the account profile menu are the Edit Menu and Edit Biography tab. These tabs are pretty self-explanatory. You can change your nickname for your account profile and add a short summary of who you are in Wuthering Waves or whatever you’d like to share. These two customizations will inform players who check your account about who you are and any additional information you add to your biography.

4) Set Birthday and Share Profile

The last two tabs you’ll find in the account profile menu allow you to copy and send your profile ID to other players and set your birthday in Wuthering Waves. You can choose to make your birthday private or public by turning the Show Birthday toggle on or off. However, you cannot change your birthday date once set. After you’ve customized your profile, you can share it with other players by copying your ID and passing it on. Just know that you’ll also need to be on the same server to add players in Wuthering Waves.

And that’s how you can customize your account in Wuthering Waves. For more informational guides about Wuthering Waves like how to get echoes across the map or obtain 50 free Lustrous Tides in your adventure, check out our dedicated section on Prima Games.

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