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The path to the Platinum trophy in Rogue Legacy 2
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After initially launching for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on April 28, 2022, followed shortly after by a release on Nintendo Switch, Rogue Legacy 2 has finally arrived on PS4 and PS5. Along with its release for the current and previous generation of PlayStation consoles, Rogue Legacy 2 features a trophy list complete with a shiny new platinum for players to earn. Let’s take a look at all of the trophies featured in Rogue Legacy 2.

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Rogue Legacy 2 Trophy List

Rogue’s Legacy (Platinum Trophy)

Earn all other Trophies.

Spells and Swords (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Lamech.

For Glory (Silver Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Lamech Prime.

Captain and Crew (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat the Void Beasts of Axis Mundi.

For Justice (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the Children of Estuary Mehujael.

Harvest and Home (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Naamah.

For Survival (Silver Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Naamah Prime.

Poise and Poisons (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Enoch.

For Love (Silver Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Enoch Prime.

Suns and Soldiers (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Irad.

For Pride (Silver Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Irad Prime.

Hands and Hammers (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Tubal.

For Wrath (Silver Trophy)

Defeat Estuary Tubal Prime.

Progenitor and Protege (Bronze Trophy)

Defeat the Traitor.

For Penance (Silver Trophy)

Defeat the Redeemed.

King and Kin (Gold Trophy)

Defeat the Immortal King.

For Greed (Gold Trophy)

Defeat the Immortal King Prime.

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Good Practice (Bronze Trophy)

Spinkick every object on the Docks without touching the floor.

A Glimpse of the Future (Bronze Trophy)

Complete the Nightmare Premonitions Scar.

Maybe Wax Doesn’t Melt (Bronze Trophy)

Reach the Sun with Icarus’ Wings.

K.O. (Bronze Trophy)

Knock out an Estuary.

Had to Do It (Bronze Trophy)

See the title drop.

Prequel to the Sequel (Bronze Trophy)

Enter Topside.

Good Boy! (Bronze Trophy)

Pet the Dragon.

It Was Just an Estimate (Bronze Trophy)

Do not escape in time.

Erebus Purified (Gold Trophy)

Earn a bronze trophy or higher for every Scar Challenge.

Looks Familiar (Bronze Trophy)

Have at least one point in every Skill in your Manor.

Black-shoppe (Silver Trophy)

Buy one of every item from the Blacksmith.

Pillow Investments (Silver Trophy)

Buy one of every Rune from the Enchantress.

Full House (Silver Trophy)

Befriend everyone.

Just the Beginning (Bronze Trophy)

Unlock Soul Shop Overload.

Wasted Betrayal (Bronze Trophy)

Discover the hidden memory.

Color Coordination (Bronze Trophy)

Unlock Unity lvl 3 on a set of equipment.

Truly Blessed (Silver Trophy)

Have a Blessing of Strength, Wisdom and Talent all at the same time.

Jack of all Trades (Silver Trophy)

Reach a combined Mastery level of 150 across all classes.

Thanatophobia (Bronze Trophy)

Complete the game in 15 lives or less in Thanatophobia mode.

Thanatwophobia (Silver Trophy)

Complete the game in 15 lives or less in Thanatwophobia mode.

Rogue Rogue Legacy (Gold Trophy)

Complete the game in 1 life in True Rogue mode.

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