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Resident Evil 7 – How to Get the Dissection Room Key

by Josh Hawkins

The Dissection Key is one of the first key items that players must find in Resident Evil 7. In order to find this item, you’re going to need to brave the depths of the Main House basement’s Processing Area, which makes up several large rooms. In this article we’ll teach you how to reach this area, as well as how to solve the puzzle keeping you from progressing further into the game.

How to Get to the Incinerator Room

To find the Incinerator Room, you must fight make it to the Processing Area. The Processing Area can only be reached after finding the Wooden Statuette in the upstairs Bathroom of the Main House. Once you’ve found it, Jack Baker will begin to patrol the area, and you’ll need to avoid him as you make your way back to the Main Hall and use the Wooden Statuette on the projector in that room. This will open a hidden passageway, which you can use to access the East Wing of the Main House. Continue through to find a set of stairs that lead down to the Processing Area.

From here it is as simple as following the hallway around until you find a wooden door that leads to the Incinerator Room. There is one Molded inside the room. So be careful as you head inside. Make sure to close the door behind you, to keep any other Molded out, and then read the note over the sink.

This is where things get tricky. In order to get the Dissection Room Key, you must first solve the Incinerator Room puzzle, which was left behind by Jack and Lucas Baker.

How to Solve the Incinerator Room Puzzle

Inside the Incinerator Room you’ll find a note above the sink that reads “Just remember 3 a’s and a handprint.” This is the only clue you’ll be given about the puzzle.

If you turn around and take a look at the incinerators lined against the wall, you’ll see that they each have a different name taped to them, except for the last one, and the only one of them has a handprint painted onto it. Solving this puzzle is actually quite simpler than one might initially think.

Based off of the note that was left behind by Jack, you learn that you must open an incinerator that has 3 a’s in the name, and then open the incinerator with a handprint on it. Unfortunately, just looking at the incinerators, there aren’t any with three a’s in the name. To solve this puzzle, head to the far right of the room and open up the last bin. This will reveal a name taped to the inside. The name reads “Tamara”, giving you the three a’s that you need to solve the puzzle. Now, head over to the incinerator with the handprint and open it up as well. This will unlock the far left bin.

Before you open that last bin, though, be aware that a Molded has been locked inside, so you will need to deal with that threat before you can obtain the key. Once the Molded has been taken care of, return to the Incinerator Room and grab the Dissection Room Key off the slab. Congratulations, you can now progress further into this nightmare.

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