Remnant 2 Ravager’s Choice Quest: Should You Kill or Revive the Doe? – Answered

The peaceful doe, or the heavily infected beast?

Remnant 2 Ravager Choice
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While progressing through the story of Remnant 2, you’re met with a lot of choices to make. These choices never amount to much beyond the immediate follow-up, but they’re an interesting way to shake up the experience on repeat playthroughs. Sometimes, they can completely change the boss you fight for in that section. With Yaesha, a choice will come at the end of the Ravager’s questline that has a hefty impact on your reward. Here’s whether you should kill or revive the Doe in Remnant 2.

Should You Kill or Revive the Doe in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Crimson Membrane
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When entering the Ravager’s Lair, you’re met with the Corrupted Ravager (who you might remember if you played Remnant: From the Ashes). He talks about the past adventures with a previous human and how he was left for dead, before being saved by the Root and given a new perspective. Through his influence, he’s managed to capture and injure the Red Doe, a beloved creature on Yaesha. Thus, he asks you to place the last few shots into it, killing it for good. This is where your choice comes in, including a third option you may not realize.

The first of the three choices sees you reviving the Red Doe using one of your Relic charges. This will see the Doe raise back to full health and charge at the Corrupted Ravager, before escaping. Through this choice, you’ll be forced to fight the Corrupted Ravager. Killing it will reward you with the Doe’s Antler, which can be used to craft the Red Doe Staff. This Staff comes with the mod Lifeline which, after dealing 250 damage, will cause the next Charge Attack to summon the Spirit of the Red Doe and see it stampede forward. This will deal 188 damage and regenerate 10% health to allies, making it nice for a tanky healer in a team composition.

Along with the Doe’s Antler, you’ll also receive the Crimson Membrane, which can be used to craft the Merciless Long gun, which comes with the Bloodline mod. This mod fires a massive blast of energy on use, tearing through anything it passes through. This makes it great for crowd-clearing, especially if you can line your enemies up.

The second choice sees you shoot the Red Doe, being a quick and easy way to doom Yaesha to a slow, horrible death at the hands of the Root. This will end the section, and you’ll receive the Ravager’s Mark amulet. This will increase damage to Bleeding enemies, making it solid for a Bleed-based build. You also won’t need to fight the Corrupted Ravager, which is a nice choice.

Now for that secret third choice, and one I accidentally stumbled upon. If you choose to just shoot the Corrupted Ravager, this will immediately start the fight. Once you get the Corrupted Ravager to half health, it will consume part of the Red Doe, killing it and giving it a vortex attack to use against you. Managing to still kill the Corrupted Ravager will reward you with the Crimson Membrane mentioned earlier, but no Doe’s Antler.

Which Ravager Choice is the Best Choice?

As for which of these three options you should pick, the third choice should not be picked under any circumstance. This is objectively worse than the other two options since you only get one of the two rewards you get with the first choice. As for the remaining choices, you should choose based on your build. If you’re going a Bleed-focused build or plan to, then the Ravager’s Mark amulet might be good. Otherwise, the first choice of reviving the Doe makes the most sense.

If you’re trying to figure out what other choices to make during the story, check out our guide on what choice you should make at Tal Ratha in Remnant 2.

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