Remnant 2: Is There a Death Penalty?

Die, die, and die 78 more times.

Remnant 2 Sawblade Battle
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If there’s one thing that soulslikes are known for, it’s punishing you for making mistakes. Whether that be through something as simple as needing to down a healing potion or something as rough as needing to go grab a resource from a dead body’s location, you’ll feel the consequences of your missteps. Since that’s the case so consistently in other games of the genre, you may be wondering how Remnant 2 goes about penalizing you for death. Is there a death penalty in Remnant 2?

Is There a Penalty for Dying in Remnant 2?

While it might come as a surprise to you, Remnant 2 doesn’t give a direct penalty for death. There is technically a penalty in that you have to redo everything since the last checkpoint and might end up dying the same way, but you don’t lose any amount of XP or Scrap for dying. Those are permanently locked to your character and can’t be removed unless you say otherwise (like buying something with Scrap, for example).

This aligns with the previous game in the series, Remnant: From the Ashes, where you weren’t penalized for death. This naturally makes things easier, but don’t mistake that as me saying that Remnant 2 is an easy game. There were a few encounters I was stuck on for a while, though given how many deaths I accrued, I’m happy those deaths didn’t tank my resources.

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While that might be a negative to some of you, there’s likely to be a mod that comes down the line that includes that. If there’s something soulslike players enjoy more than anything, it’s making games even harder than they already were. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that risk you take for each encounter more rewarding. You could also play on Hardcore if you want to turn that death risk up to 11.

If you’re looking into more details surrounding the game, check out our guide on whether Remnant 2 has crossplay.

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