Remnant 2: How to Solve the Water Harp Music Puzzle

Who the hell plays music using pegs?

Remnant 2 Water Harp Music Puzzle
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While traversing through Remnant 2, you’ll come across numerous puzzles that’ll require some thinking to solve. Some of these puzzles are obvious almost immediately, though other puzzles could have you stumped for ages before finally hitting that “aha!” moment and snagging your reward. One such puzzle is mandatory for progression and is much lengthier than you’d first expect. Here’s how to solve the Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2.

How to Get Past the Music Puzzle in Remnant 2

When dealing with the Ravager storyline in Yaesha, you’ll find this Water Harp puzzle blocking a bridge from being raised. While you might think you should figure out the answer now, that’s not actually what you’re supposed to do. Instead of wasting your time here, head up the massive staircase and through the door marked with an exclamation mark above it. You need to activate a gear first to start the puzzle, and this path is how you do just that.

Remnant 2 Water Harp Gear
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How this path progresses for you is going to change from playthrough to playthrough, but the general idea is that you should push through and handle whatever the game throws at you until you return to the region with the Water Harp puzzle. Once you’re eventually there, you’ll be able to reach a gear that can be activated with a lever (as shown above). Do so, and you can finally start the puzzle.

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Which Pegs Need to Be Raised and Lowered to Complete the Puzzle?

Remnant 2 Water Harp Puzzle Answer
Screenshot by Prima Games

In the same room as the nearby Worldstone is a book, showing an answer to the puzzle (shown above). Each line indicates a row that should not have a peg sticking out, with each symbol being the column where a peg should stick out. For example, the first row should have a peg raised only in the fifth column, while the second row should not have any columns with a raised peg.

If you’re still having trouble, here’s the answer you need:

  • Row 1: Peg 5
  • Row 2: None
  • Row 3: Peg 4
  • Row 4: None
  • Row 5: Peg 3
  • Row 6: Peg 4
  • Row 7: Peg 1
  • Row 8: None

After you have these pegs raised and lowered, pull the lever, and the flutist’s tune in the distance will play on the Water Harp. With that, the bridge will raise, and you’ll be able to enter the Ravager’s Lair. Good luck!

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