Remnant 2: How to Get the Dark Pact Trait

A dark pact indeed.

Remnant 2 Ritualist Archetype Gameplay
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If you want to support that perfect build you’ve been crafting in Remnant 2, having the right traits leveled up can make all the difference. Here’s how to get the Dark Pact trait in Remnant 2.

Where to Find the Dark Pact Trait in Remnant 2

To get the Dark Pact trait in Remnant 2, you must shoot three bells around the Forlorn Coast. Each bell spawns a group of enemies that must be killed. Killing the third group of enemies instantly grants the Dark Pact trait. Since the Forlorn Coast is a massive location to explore, I’ve provided locations and maps of all bells below.

First Bell

The first bell can be found after clearing the first mandatory side path and reaching the second part of the Forlorn Coast, marked by the Drowned Wen checkpoint. From the checkpoint, proceed through this section until you reach the next checkpoint just before the main docks. Next to the checkpoint is that first bell.

Second Bell

You’ll want to proceed until you reach the Mournful Promenade checkpoint to reach the second bell. Cross the massive bridge from here and head down the side ladder like you normally would. Make your way further up, passing a jump onto a nearby roof. Eventually, you’ll come across a set of buildings with a bell in the center.

Third Bell

The third and final bell is a little funky to reach. Go to the Palace of the One True King checkpoint to do so. Head up the stairs near the checkpoint until the first exit, with an overhang dropping into a room. Drop down, then head down the stairs and back out to the Forlorn Coast. You’ll find the bell nestled in the corner to the right of where you exit.

Is the Dark Pact Trait Worth Using?

With all bells shot and enemies defeated, you should get the Dark Pact trait. This trait reduces the speed at which you regen Grey Health, from -9% to -90%, depending on trait level. This might sound bad at first, but many of the new items added with The Awakened King DLC give benefits based on Grey Health. If you’re using a build with it, this is super helpful.

If you’re looking for help discovering more of the game’s secrets, check out our guide on how to obtain the Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2.

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