Remnant 2: How to Get Corrupted Lumenite Crystals

They're like Lumenite Crystals, but Corrupted.

Remnant 2 Corrupted Lumenite Crystals
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While progressing through Remnant 2, you’re likely to find a ton of materials that have varying degrees of usefulness. Scrap is easily the most useful material in the game, being used in everything from crafting recipes to buying things from vendors. Many other materials have varying uses, including one that has a very specific use. Here’s how to get Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2.

Where to Farm Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2

Corrupted Lumenite Crystals are earned by defeating Corrupted enemies in Remnant 2. These are the mini-bosses you’ll find while progressing through the story, with their red glow being their most defining feature. One great example of one is when reaching the Asylum in Losomn. Once you reach the shed in the courtyard, you’ll encounter the Ripsaw mini-boss who is Corrupted. Defeating each will give you Corrupted Lumenite Crystals.

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With that in mind, you’ll want to hunt for Lumenite Crystals in places where these bosses tend to spawn. There is the guaranteed spawn mentioned above, but players in the community have suggested checking regions like the Harvester’s Reach or Void Vessel Facility. You can also search for these locations when joining random players.

What are Corrupted Lumenite Crystals Used For?

Remnant 2 Dweel Mutator Upgrades
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Corrupted Lumenite Crystals can be brought to Dwell in Ward 13 to upgrade your mutators. These are the additional bonus mods you can add to help make your weapons even stronger. A personal favorite of mine is the Bandit mutator, which gives a chance to return spent Ammo directly to the magazine. These tend to range between one and five Corrupted Lumenite Crystals for each upgrade, so be ready for some serious farming.

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