Remnant 2: All Boss Modifiers Explained

Time to shake bosses up.

Boss Modifiers Remnant 2
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Once you finish a campaign in Remnant 2, you can reroll the area in Adventure Mode, leading to new encounters with enemies, including World Bosses with boss modifiers. To ensure you’re prepared for every new battle ahead of you, I have a complete list of all the modifiers in the game and how they change the fight.

All Boss Modifiers in Remnant 2 Listed

There are 10 different boss modifiers in Remnant 2, and which ones appear on a boss is entirely random. Random rolls on campaigns are part of the fun and another reason to keep grinding. You can see the modifier you’re up against by looking at the symbols on the health bar for the boss. All of their descriptions are below.

Remnant 2 Boss Modifiers:

  • Empathy – When you use your Relic, the boss will also heal.
  • Hearty – The boss has increased health and defense.
  • Drain – During the fight, the boss can leech health from you.
  • Spiteful – As the boss loses health, it will start to deal more damage.
  • Regenerator – Throughout the fight, bosses will regenerate health.
  • Enchanter – The boss will use rot explosions and effects on you throughout the fight.
  • Unstoppable – You won’t be able to stagger the boss by any means.
  • Vicious – All attack damage on the boss will be increased.
  • Skullcracker – Each attack from the boss will have an increased stagger.
  • Elemental Resist – The boss has more resistance to all elemental attacks.

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Of course, some of these modifiers are much more extreme than others. Something like Empathy can cause a boss to heal up to 50% of their health when you use your Relic. That is a massive disadvantage, and you’ll be wishing you got something as easy as Elemental Resist instead.

To ensure you can take down any boss with any modifier, check out our best solo build guide for Remnant 2.

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