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RE7: Not a Hero – Antique Coin Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Antique Coins are collectible items that can be used to purchase permanent upgrades for your character in Resident Evil 7. Since the Not a Hero DLC follows a different character, and takes place in a new area, there are not 10 new Antique Coins to find and collect. Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of achievement or trophy associated with these items, but finding them will allow you to purchase the upgrades in the Central Cavern, so they are still worth grabbing. Today we’ll show you all ten of the Antique Coin locations hidden in Not a Hero.

Antique Coin 1

The first Antique Coin in the DLC can be found as soon as you enter the Central Cavern area. Make your way along the right side of the area, and look for a barrel hidden in a small alcove between the rock wall and a shipping container. It’s hidden on top of a barrel.

Antique Coin 2

The second Antique Coin can be found by heading into the first Shutter door, the one that leads to the first area. This is the same area that you’ll need to enter to get the Cell Key and High-Grade Filter. Head inside, and then look for a barrel on the right-hand side of the corridor as you move towards the cell. Look behind the barrel, on the rock outcropping, to find this Antique Coin.

Antique Coin 3

The next Antique Coin can be found by heading down the elevator that takes you to the area where you get the Cell Key. Ride it up and then exit to the right. Follow the tracks around, and then look for the Antique Coin off to the right as you enter the room, hidden on top of a bag. You should be able to easily follow the minecart tracks around to it.

Antique Coin 4

To find the fourth Antique Coin you’ll need to finish up getting the High-Grade Filter, and then head down into the second area, the Storage Area. Make your way down the stairs and into the area. Continue through it like you normally would until you reach a small corner area with several carts and boxes. Look out for the Antique Coin on a small pile of bags to the left, next to a pile of rubble and rocks.

Antique Coin 5

Once you make it out of the sewers (where you have to restore the power), head down the corridor out of the elevator. This Antique Coin can be found at the end of this first corridor, resting on a barrel. Grab it before you continue.

Antique Coin 6

The next Antique Coin can be found further inside the Storage Area. Make your way to the final corridor, where a regen-creature spawns and then turn down the middle corridor on the left. There should be several boxes in the middle of the path. Break them, grab anything inside, and then grab this Antique Coin off the bag at the end of the corridor, hidden in the corner to the right. There’s also a really useful lockpick on a bucket beside the Antique Coin.

Antique Coin 7

The seventh Antique Coin can be found inside the third area that you must enter. Head inside once you have the Night Vision Device and follow the corridor, taking the first right that you see. This should lead you to a little alcove where you can find this Antique Coin on top of a five-gallon bucket.

Antique Coin 8

The next Antique Coin that you can find will be found inside of the Mine Cart Yard. Once inside the Repair Yard, locate the clown that Lucas likes to use, and then turn to the left and look for this Antique Coin between two large crates stacked on top of each other.

Antique Coin 9

Players can find the ninth Antique Coin by making their way to the Ventilation Room. From here look for a door that leads to a small room with a ladder. Look to the left of the ladder to spot this Antique Coin resting on top of an opened box in the corner.

Antique Coin 10

The tenth Antique Coin can be found once you head back into the Mining Work Area (the first area you explore). Deal with any new creatures that have spawned, and then make your way to the room where you got the Cell Key before. Since you now have the Clown Key, you can finally enter the door at the end of the room. Follow the corridor to the next room, and then turn to the right immediately as you enter the next door.

You should see a small area that you can crawl through to reach a blocked off room. Follow the track down to a crashed minecart and grab this Antique Coin off the covered boxes to the right.

Now that you know how to find all of the Antique Coins in Not a Hero, you should be able to unlock all of the permanent upgrades in the Central Cavern area. For more help be sure to check out our Not a Hero walkthrough or head back over to our Resident Evil 7 guide for even more in-depth articles about Resident Evil 7 and its DLC.

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