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Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime Rewards – Mozzie Operator Skin

by Ginny Woo

So, it’s about that time again for Twitch Prime subscribers to be rewarded! If you play Rainbow Six Siege, then you’re in for one hell of a cheesy treat. Yes, we’re talking new cosmetics and a charm, and this time, it’s something that we reckon everyone could use a little bit more of in their lives. Here’s a little more about the current Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime reward – the Mozzie Operator skin.

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime Rewards – Mozzie Operator Skin

So, you’re someone who’s curious about getting the best loot possible, yeah? Honestly, that’s one of our big arguments for picking up Twitch Prime. For those who aren’t that aware, having Twitch Prime allows you access to exclusive loot in a variety of popular games, including the likes of Borderlands 3 and obviously, Rainbow Six Siege. We absolutely love the cosmetic enhancements that have previously been made available, like the Twitch Operator and Maestro Operator skins that came in riveting shades of green and yellow. Now, here’s the current slate of Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime rewards.

Until 24 April 2020, the Twitch Prime get if you play Rainbow Six Siege is the Mozzie Operator Skin which essentially turns everyone’s favorite operator into a giant pizza that also, delivers pizza? Look, we’re not too clear on the biological sentiment of all that, but it’s definitely A Look for you to rock if you’re brave enough. There’s also going to be a charm that comes with this Mozzie skin, which we think is pretty adorable. In order to redeem the Twitch Prime skin, you’re going to have to have linked your Ubisoft and your Twitch Prime accounts together so keep that in mind if you’re experiencing any errors. Once you’ve redeemed your rewards via the Twitch Prime interface here, you’ll be able to login to Rainbow Six Siege and get the rewards in-game.

Now that you have our guide to the currently available Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime rewards, it should be easier than ever for you to pick up the Mozzie Operator Skin so that you too can live the Dominos Pizza delivery lifestyle of your dreams. Talk about handy! Need help with anything else to do with Rainbow Six Siege? We’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks prepared for Operators just like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game. Alternatively, if you don’t own the game yet, pick it up here via Amazon and support Prima in the process before you check out our advice below:

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