Rainbow Six Siege will soon be getting a significant injection of content with the official launch of Operation Ember Rise taking place on Wednesday, September 11th. Fortunately for players who were curious as to when they would be able to begin playing all of the new content for Rainbow Six Siege, an official release schedule for Operation Ember Rise has been announced. 

The release schedule for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise will be taking place across the platforms of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on the morning of September 11th. PlayStation 4 players will see Operation Ember Rise launch at 6 AM PST/ 8 AM CST/ 9 AM EST. Xbox One players will then be able to jump in at 7 AM PST/ 9 AM CST/ 10 AM EST. Finally, PC players will gain access to the new set of Rainbow Six Siege content beginning at 8 AM PST/ 10 AM CST/ 11 AM EST. 

Operation Ember Rise will see the two new operators of Amaru and Goyo be added to the playable character roster of the high-profile first-person shooter. A significant map rework of Kanal and the introduction of a Battle Pass will also be some of the most significant additions made to Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Ember Rise launches. 

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