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Raft: How to Get the Advanced Scarecrow

Tired of Seagulls poking at your precious crops? This'll turn them away for sure!

by Nikola L

Growing crops is one of many fun things that you can do in Raft: The Final Chapter. However, wildlife wants to grab a free dinner off of your table, and the Prima Games writer team is here to help you stop those pesky flying freeloaders!

How to Buy the Advanced Scarecrow in Raft: The Final Chapter

The Advanced Scarecrow can be bought at the Trading Post. If you haven’t encountered a Trading Post by now, you should seek them out on large islands. They should be easily spottable since there are a lot of fancy lights going off around them (it’s free advertising when you think of it).

Once you find the Trading Post and engage in your first trade attempt, you will notice that you will need a Tier 3 reputation in order to buy the Advanced Scarecrow. Fear not as this is not a complicated thing to do. You’ll just need some time and patience.

As you may predict, yes, you’ll need to obtain some fish to trade them in for reputation. That’s exactly what we’re doing. You need to get a special sort of bait from the merchant in order to catch those specific, rare, and special fishes they are after. You will see three types of bait available: Simple Fishing Bait (for Tier 1 rare fish), Advanced Fishing Bait (for Tier 2 rare fish), and Expert Fishing Bait (for Tier 3 fish).

You’ll also need the Recycler which you can get as a blueprint on top of the Radio Tower since Recycler produces Trash Cubes.

Once you sell enough fish to the Trading Post and get your reputation up to Tier 3, you can purchase the Advanced Scarecrow for a small price of eight Trash Cubes and ten Trade Coins.

In case you wish to chase seagulls yourself and not get a Scarecrow, swinging your Machete around might be fun.

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