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Prey Passwords – Unlock Workstations

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to find out all the juicy details of the story, and learn more about Talos 1 and its mission, then you’re going to have to unlock quite a few Workstations in Prey. Unfortunately, many of the passwords in Prey are randomized, which means each playthrough they’ll be different for the player. Don’t worry, though, you can still find the workstation passwords in the same places, and in this article we’ll detail how you can locate the password for each Workstation in Prey.

Oftentimes you’ll be able to find these passwords scribbled on a piece of paper near the workstation. Sometimes you’ll need to wait until you reach a certain point in the game, and other times you may not be able to return to that Workstation until later in the game, after you’ve found the passcode somewhere else. In the guide below we have organized all of the password locations based on the area of the station that you find them in, but if you’re looking for the codes for doors or safes, we’ve got you covered in another article.

Neuromod Division

Security Station Workstation Password

This password can’t be found until later in the game, at Divy Naaz’s has died. Once that has happened, return to the Neuromod Division and look for a piece of paper with this password near Naaz’s body.

Marco Simmons’Workstation Password

You can easily find this password by looking at a small note near Simmon’s Workstation. Read the note, and then the password will automatically be entered.

Talos 1 Lobby

Jason Chang’s Workstation Password

You can find the password for Jason Chang’s Workstation on a note that is attached to his computer. Read the note to obtain the password.

Hardware Labs

Small Scale Testing Workstation Password

The password for this Workstation is in the Hardware Labs. Look out for a clipboard on the floor near the Workstation in question, and then read the note that is taped to the clipboard to obtain the code.


Julien Howard’s Workstation Password

You can obtain the password to this Workstation by finding Iris Stein’s body in the Arboretum. Look out for a note close to the body, and read it to obtain this password.

Crew Quarters

Abigail Foy’s Password

After you locate Abigail Foy’s cabin in the Crew Quarters, look under her desk to find a note that contains this password. Read the note to get the passcode.

Deep Storage

Ivy Song’s Workstation Password

To find this password, locate Zachary West’s Workstation in the Corporate IT (Information Technology) area. There’s a note next to his Workstation that contains the code for Ivy Song’s Workstation. You’ll also find the key to the stairwell here as well.

Cargo Bay

Gus Magill’s Workstation Password

Look underneath the phone near Gus’ desk in the Shipping and Receiving area of the Cargo Bay to find a note that contains this password. Read the note to obtain the password.

Life Support

Price Broadway’s Workstation Password

Locate a supply crate near Price Broadway’s Workstation to find this password. The password is written on a note inside of the supply crate. Read it to lock the password into memory.

That’s every password you need to unlock all the locked Workstations in Prey. You can head back to our Prey game hub for more helpful articles, and be sure to check out our guide on how to get a gun in Prey for help obtaining your first real weapon.

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